Weekend Report

On Saturday, it was our extended family’s annual summer gathering . . .

* We were so lucky to have nice weather – not too hot and no rain (even though the sun played peek-a-boo all day long).

* We enjoyed the most delicious food (including the delightful fruit salad you see above, which was made by one of my daughters).

* We talked a lot and laughed ’til we cried. (This is quite a witty bunch that includes several “should-have-been” comedians!)

* We celebrated a birthday (for Sir Beads)! He got all the candles out with one breath, so hopefully his wish will come true!

* We sorely missed the ones who could not make it that day. (As the kids grow into adults – jobs and marriages take them to other corners of the world and it gets harder and harder to have the entire clan in one place on the same day.)

* We cherished the chance to smooch and play with the newest member of our family, who is now 15 months old and absolutely thriving after a very rocky start in this life. (Did I mention he is the smartest most handsome baby – ever!?!) Lol

* We all agreed it was the best party! (Of course, we say that every year. 😉 )

The long ride home seemed very short. After such a wonderful day, there was lots to remember and chat about . . .

We’re already looking forward to next time.

Hope you have a chance to spend a fun summer day with people you love! 😀



I’ve Got the Music in Me

Want to feel as relaxed as a strand of “al dente” spaghetti?

Listen to music! 😀


Yesterday I was working on a jewelry order and decided to load the CD player instead of turning on the radio. I chose a very varied selection of genres from rock to classical to pop to easy listening. By the time, I finished beading, I was feeling incredibly relaxed and refreshed!

Of course we all know that music is good for you. It’s a well-established fact. There are even quotes about it. You’re probably familiar with the old expression: “Music soothes the savage beast”. (The original quote is “Music has charms to soothe a savage breast.” (spoken by “Almeria” in Act I of The Mourning Bride by English poet William Congreve.)

But after my experience yesterday, I decided to delve further and was interested to learn of recent studies, which suggest that music has an intense effect on both body and mind. Some hospitals are even using “music therapy” as an aid in healing. The benefits include lowering blood pressure, boosting immunity and easing muscle tension. With those attributes, no wonder music can be an important tool to help the body stay or become healthy!

If you’re looking for something different next time you buy a CD, try Linda Ronstadt’s “Cry like a Rainstorm – Howl like the Wind”. The duets with Aaron Neville, alone, are worth the price. I just played it and I’m feeling oh so “al dente” right now – awake but very relaxed. 😉

Is there a CD you’d recommend to the rest of us that either helps you relax… or never fails to brighten your day?


Have a delightful weekend, Kids! Since Monday is a holiday, I’ll see you bright and early on Tuesday. 🙂



Circles and Squares

Remember a couple of months ago when I showed you these?

I had whipped them up one evening as I was delaying waiting to make dinner. 😉 I called the post Playing Hooky and you can find it here.

Since then, they’ve acquired a few new friends….

I plan to make a pillow – I’ve even bought the pillow form – but I still need to make the reverse side.

At the same time, I’m working on a coordinating pillow that, believe it or not, will be round when it’s finished!

This summer has been a little on the warm side to have yarn on my lap, but there’s nothing like a cool autumn evening to squeeze in a little relaxation . . . and knit or crochet or do anything else you think is fun! 🙂



Friday Favorites

After yesterday’s group rant, I thought we could use a little serenity . . .

OK everybody…

Take a nice deep cleansing breath….

Hold it for a few seconds…..

Slowly blow it out…….


Now we’re all relaxed, right?

Yay!! 😀


This week’s Friday Favorites is in keeping with the de-stress theme. I have a beautiful, and very calming, vintage illustration; and a quote that will help to banish those minor annoyances that can crop up from time to time. 🙂

“Give your stress wings, and let it fly away.”


Hugs and warmest wishes for a wonderful weekend!! 😀


7 Quick Paths to Serenity

yogaladyStress. We all feel it sometimes, but the way we handle it usually determines how long it will last.

I’ve done a little research and gathered my findings in this edition of Lucky Seven!

It features 7 quick paths to serenity. 😀

1. Plan something
Having something to look forward to can be the perfect de-stressor.
Buy concert tickets, schedule dessert with a friend, make an appointment for a pedicure, order from a seed catalog, or plan a summer getaway!

2. Call a friend
Or email. Or visit! Discussing your worries helps you to feel cared for and can give you some perspective, too. What relief there is in sharing the burden!

3. Hit the tub
If you don’t have time for a hot bath – put a warm washcloth on your face. Take a deep breath and imagine you’re luxuriating in fragrant bubbles and feel the stress melt away!

4. Play soothing music
Before you know it, you’ll be breathing a contented sigh. Music truly has the power to calm and refresh.

5. Just Say No
Trying to be super-woman is a one-way trip to Stressville! Think carefully about your limitations, and stop trying to please everyone all the time.

6. Daydream
Research shows that spending a few moments gazing out a window at the clouds or the trees, and then allowing your thoughts to gently wander, can be a very beneficial way to snag a few moments of inner bliss.

And finally – my favorite tip of the bunch! 🙂
7. Show Those Pearly Whites
Did you know that smiling works both ways? We smile when we are happy – but the act of smiling can actually make us happy – even if we’re not at that moment. Smiling sends nerve impulses from the facial muscles to an emotional center in the brain, and those impulses push the neurochemical balance toward a feeling of contentment. So when you’re feeling tense – just smile!!!

How do you de-stress?