Why I Call You “Kids”

Hi Kids!

Maybe you’ve wondered why I call you “Kids” when I write a blog post . . .

Is it because some of you are young enough to actually be my kids?

Is it because I’m trying to be funny (You know, using that wacky “Crystal-style” sense of humor)? 😉

Well, I guess that’s part of it, but there’s a little more to the story . . .

Several years ago, I decided to go back to college to take some business courses. My own kids had finished school and I figured it was time for Mom to return. I chose to go evenings – so there would be other adults with me. I didn’t want to be “the old lady” in a class of very young students.

The whole thing was quite a wonderful adventure. I met such an interesting and diverse group. Each person brought the richness of his or her life-experience to the classes. It was also rewarding for the teachers. They had an audience who were there by choice and totally engaged in learning (not kids who *had* to go).

Shortly after I started my first semester, I came home from class one night, full of excitement about the course I was taking. I breathlessly recounted the details of the evening to Sir Beads. I talked about the professor, and his fascinating lecture, and how glad I was that I found the book he recommended because “a lot of the other kids hadn’t been able to buy it at their local bookstores”!

Sir Beads immediately started to chuckle. I wasn’t sure why, at first. Then I suddenly realized what I had just said.

I said “KIDS”!

I couldn’t believe it. This was a class of students whose ages ranged from about 30 to 65 years old. NONE of us were “kids”!

I started to giggle. It had been decades since I was in school, and now after all those years, I instinctively described my fellow classmates as “kids”! It was as if I had traveled back in time to a place I’d been before. In my mind, this new group of adult peers had, almost instantly, been transformed into the childhood companions of old. It makes sense though – the situation was similar! We were a group sharing a learning experience – the work, the fun, the studying, the exams – all of it. We had a common bond.

I can tell you I learned a lot during those years when I returned to school. Most important of all, I came to truly understand that the “kid” inside of me would always be there, just under the surface, waiting to pop out with wonder and excitement, at any time!

I guess I always knew that, on some level, but I’d never realized the depth of it.

Remember to nurture your own inner child!

Ok, Kids? 🙂




Why I Call You “Kids” — 2 Comments

  1. (chuckle) I know exactly what you meant Crystal. I too “went back to school” at age 52. I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and was unable to continue in the work I had done all my life. It was an amazing adventure, the only regret I had was in the choice of school. Got the same feelings this summer when my high school had it’s reunion, the remainder of my class got together for the first time since 1965. All of a sudden we were those crazy kids again, remembering things from years ago.
    Now at 63, I am semi-retired and have a new love in my life. :o) BEADING!! LOL Have my first big showing coming up this weekend and I am so excited. Haven’t been this “into” something since my kids were born. LOL

  2. Hi Crystal,

    I love what you wrote here. I love it when the ‘kid’ in me is set free, gives us a great boost, great for our minds and souls eh!
    I really enjoy visiting your blog : )

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