Friday Favorites

After yesterday’s group rant, I thought we could use a little serenity . . .

OK everybody…

Take a nice deep cleansing breath….

Hold it for a few seconds…..

Slowly blow it out…….


Now we’re all relaxed, right?

Yay!! 😀


This week’s Friday Favorites is in keeping with the de-stress theme. I have a beautiful, and very calming, vintage illustration; and a quote that will help to banish those minor annoyances that can crop up from time to time. 🙂

“Give your stress wings, and let it fly away.”


Hugs and warmest wishes for a wonderful weekend!! 😀



Friday Favorites — 8 Comments

  1. I’m feeling peaceful because I’m finished with my 10 page research paper a week early. Now I can concentrate on my business law final.

  2. Have a great weekend everyone.

    If you are not feeling peaceful, scroll back up to the pic and watch the swan..oh, which one, well silly the last one. The one at the end of the line. He doesn’t mind being last. He’s in no hurry to go nowhere. He’s just enjoying the sights around the pond. Floating on calm waters. Be that swan today.

    xx, Carol

  3. AH!
    That was so beautiful,
    Thank you.
    And to all,
    Have a happy weekend.

  4. gorgeous illustration….and i love the quote! thanks for the nice cleansing breath…..and if i could get into that “legs crossed” position, and THEN get back up and walk, i’d really be happy!!!! xox, :))

  5. Such a beautiful illustration! “Calm” that’s something I have to work on! xoxo

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