Weekend Report

On Saturday, it was our extended family’s annual summer gathering . . .

* We were so lucky to have nice weather – not too hot and no rain (even though the sun played peek-a-boo all day long).

* We enjoyed the most delicious food (including the delightful fruit salad you see above, which was made by one of my daughters).

* We talked a lot and laughed ’til we cried. (This is quite a witty bunch that includes several “should-have-been” comedians!)

* We celebrated a birthday (for Sir Beads)! He got all the candles out with one breath, so hopefully his wish will come true!

* We sorely missed the ones who could not make it that day. (As the kids grow into adults – jobs and marriages take them to other corners of the world and it gets harder and harder to have the entire clan in one place on the same day.)

* We cherished the chance to smooch and play with the newest member of our family, who is now 15 months old and absolutely thriving after a very rocky start in this life. (Did I mention he is the smartest most handsome baby – ever!?!) Lol

* We all agreed it was the best party! (Of course, we say that every year. 😉 )

The long ride home seemed very short. After such a wonderful day, there was lots to remember and chat about . . .

We’re already looking forward to next time.

Hope you have a chance to spend a fun summer day with people you love! 😀



Coffee’s On

Hi Kids,
Come on in . . . You’re just in time for tea (or coffee if you prefer)!

If you’ve been with me for a while, you probably remember the “weekly question”! For many months, we all checked in here on Mondays and shared a laugh, our latest news, and sometimes – even a bit of advice. It was our virtual coffee klatsch. 😉

I’ve been missing those times, so today I’m here with a question!


But just a little background, first . . .

I’ve always been a fan of the clever pun.
Businesses often choose something cute and “punny” as a name. I can think of a couple of hair salons around here that prove my point:

Curl Up and Dye

The Hairafter

Usually the puns are intentional but when they are not intentional – they can be even more amusing!

The following businesses used the real names of the proprietors – I’m serious!

Bland’s Restaurant

Flowers Funeral Home

Dr. Wolfe, Veterinarian

Funny, yes?


So, my question is:

Can you think of a business in your area that has a clever name?

(And if you can’t… well, have another cup and tell us about your weekend!) 🙂



Keep Calm and . . .

Have you seen all of the “Keep Calm” signs on the internet, lately?

They’re usually pretty amusing (Keep Calm and Eat a Cookie),

and sometimes quite inspiring (Keep Calm and Count Your Blessings).


I did a little research and discovered that the original slogan (the one you see below) was on a poster created by the British government in the early days of World War II. It was part of series of three that were intended to raise the morale of the British people in the event of invasion. Full story here.

More recently (in 2000), a copy of a “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster turned up in a 2nd-hand book store in the UK. Because it was in the public domain by that time, the owners of the bookshop began to print copies at customers’ requests.


Since then, the pithy saying has taken fire! It seems everyone is having a ball thinking of different versions.

I have a few prepared but I thought it would be fun to have your suggestions! I’ll make little “blog posters” and show them here from time to time (with credit to you!). 🙂

So what would you say?

“Keep Calm and ________”?