Long Time No Blog

Greetings Kids!

Remember me? 😉

I know… It’s been a while.

Things are crazy busy around here – but I’ve missed chatting with you…

Hope all is well and that you’re seeing signs of spring in your world.
Here in New England, we’ve had a slow start to the season with trees only just beginning to bud.

I’ve been trying to fit in little blocks of time to create something – anything!

Many of you know that I firmly believe crafting is a stress-reducer… sort of a “vitamin” for the soul. When life gets very hectic, I cope by finding spare moments in the day to be creative.

For example, I did finally finish the bracelet I showed you a while back…

Z Beaded Bracelet Twin Beads

And currently, I’m quite taken with something that’s popping up all over the internet – shabby chic flowers! Here’s my first one with more to follow in an upcoming post.

click to enlarge


They’re made from scraps of various fabrics and all sorts of laces. For the decorative centers, you can use re-purposed jewelry, old buttons, or (as I did) you can make your own little beaded embellishments!

Finally, just for fun, I am including a photo of a recent dinner made for me by Sir Beads.

I… am… a… LUCKY… girl!

Who knew that after decades of doing all the cooking myself, I’d eventually be spoiled by a husband who would (after retiring) decide to become our cook.

Pinwheel of Beef, Cheese, and Spinach, Roasted Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables


Was it good? Oh yeah!

Please tell us your news. 😀



I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Winter Zest

snow birds (Small)I always get a big burst of creative energy in January…

You, too?

I’m guessing it has something to do with Christmas. Think about it. It does make sense!
After the whirl of holiday preparations in November and December, it’s tough to suddenly turn off the adrenaline on January 2nd
. . . at least for me.

Many of you know I’m a fan of all kinds of crafts, but beading and crocheting are my favorites.


Shall I show you a little of what I’ve been up to in January? I’ll focus on the beading today and add the crocheting next time.


A few beads, a few findings, a needle and thread, and a good TV show?

Now we’re talking! Pure bliss.

January Bliss


Some are finished… some still need a finishing touch…

January Bliss2


Looking at them inspires me.
More ideas. More plans. (More hours in a day, please!) 😉

January Bliss3a


Hope you’ll have a chance this week to get lost in something you enjoy. 😀





I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Click the envelope to leave a comment or to read what the other kids are saying! 😀


Make somethin’ Monday

New feature beginning today!
It was inspired by a little daydream I had this week . . .

I was remembering how years ago (when I was a new bride and then a new mother), it was very tough to find time to work on a craft project with any regularity. One day, a neighbor suggested I sign up for a Fall class on Floral Décor. She had gone the previous year and was excited to return. The class met one evening a week for 6-weeks. Sir Beads cheerfully offered to baby-sit.

Each week, we completed a project designed to be finished in a couple of hours. When the series ended I had six beautiful decorations. That class was truly a revelation to me. I realized that the secret to being creative in the midst of a very busy life was to “schedule” something – on the calendar!


In the years that followed, my friends (who were also busy mothers) and I came up with the idea of holding a weekly “craft night” in our homes. We would take turns hosting the group and providing the refreshments. Sometimes we all worked on the same project. Other times we did our own thing, which was actually even better. It was amazing how enthused and inspired we became as we shared our designs and ideas.

Lately, I’m feeling the creative time crunch as much as I ever have. Why would that be? I mean the kids are grown and I’m no longer a new bride . . .

Of course, I do have a bead shop to run and then there’s a certain retired husband with whom I like to spend some quality time. The thing is, if I’m not creative – I begin to miss it quite a lot. So, the other day, during a light bulb moment, I remembered the “schedule” method and figured the blog could help me out!

“Yikes, Crystal, that was a pretty long-winded explanation to introduce the new feature: “Make somethin’ Monday

What can I say? You’re right. 😉


To begin the series, I have a pair of earrings – just finished them!

Now, you’re probably saying,

“Who are you and what have you done with Crystal!?!? Those earrings are more earthy and organic than Crystal usually makes – and they’re not even purple!”

They definitely are a departure… and I love them!

Maybe this scheduling thing is inspiring me already.

(The pear-shaped stones are vintage, made in Czechoslovakia. In order to make the earrings, I found suitable settings and then “set” the stones, myself. Fun! I will soon be carrying the vintage stones, in several colors, in my etsy shop.



Falling for Beads

All this week, I’ve been feeling especially “fall-ish”.

Not sure whether it’s the Halloween posts I’ve done, or the brilliant gold leaves on our beech tree, or the recent chatting with friends about Thanksgiving plans, but the mood has inspired an autumn color palette in some jewelry I’ve been working on.


These earrings remind me of Indian Corn, which for many years was a fixture on our front door during November! 😀

Now available on my website


Try and find a few moments for some you time today . . .



Circles and Squares

Remember a couple of months ago when I showed you these?

I had whipped them up one evening as I was delaying waiting to make dinner. 😉 I called the post Playing Hooky and you can find it here.

Since then, they’ve acquired a few new friends….

I plan to make a pillow – I’ve even bought the pillow form – but I still need to make the reverse side.

At the same time, I’m working on a coordinating pillow that, believe it or not, will be round when it’s finished!

This summer has been a little on the warm side to have yarn on my lap, but there’s nothing like a cool autumn evening to squeeze in a little relaxation . . . and knit or crochet or do anything else you think is fun! 🙂