Anything But Grey

Here in New England, our frosty winter days are usually accompanied by clear blue skies and lots of bright sunshine.

This year, however, has been remarkably cloudy – not rainy, just CLOUDY!
And the combination of grey skies and short winter days gets old pretty quickly.

What to do? Well, I like to grab some colorful yarn and ignore the bleak weather.

Winter Crochet Bright


Here’s my idea of an afternoon break.

Winter Crochet2


I’ve just begun this blanket. Generally, I wait until I’m finished making all the squares (or other motifs) before sewing them together. This time though, I’m joining them as I go – which means the blanket will already be in one piece by the time I make the last square! 😀

Winter Crochet3


Have you had a cloudy 2014, so far?

What do you like to do on a dreary day? C’mon, please tell us!



I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Circles and Squares

Remember a couple of months ago when I showed you these?

I had whipped them up one evening as I was delaying waiting to make dinner. 😉 I called the post Playing Hooky and you can find it here.

Since then, they’ve acquired a few new friends….

I plan to make a pillow – I’ve even bought the pillow form – but I still need to make the reverse side.

At the same time, I’m working on a coordinating pillow that, believe it or not, will be round when it’s finished!

This summer has been a little on the warm side to have yarn on my lap, but there’s nothing like a cool autumn evening to squeeze in a little relaxation . . . and knit or crochet or do anything else you think is fun! 🙂



Playing Hooky

There are days when you just need to break away from the old routine. Am I right? 😉

Yesterday, when I should have been making dinner, I decided to play hooky for an hour.

Well, not the usual kind of hooky . . .

I was actually using a hook!

The yarn on the bottom left might look dark blue on your screen – but it’s a beautiful shade of teal, in person.

Anyway, I had finished 4 squares before Sir Beads raised an eyebrow, which means he’s wondering if dinner is scheduled for the near future – ahem! 😉

“What will this be eventually?”, you ask.

I really don’t know yet, but I’m thinking throw pillow, maybe.


So Kids . . . play hooky soon – by doing whatever will give you a few restful moments.

Dinner can always be a little late! 😉