Anything But Grey

Here in New England, our frosty winter days are usually accompanied by clear blue skies and lots of bright sunshine.

This year, however, has been remarkably cloudy – not rainy, just CLOUDY!
And the combination of grey skies and short winter days gets old pretty quickly.

What to do? Well, I like to grab some colorful yarn and ignore the bleak weather.

Winter Crochet Bright


Here’s my idea of an afternoon break.

Winter Crochet2


I’ve just begun this blanket. Generally, I wait until I’m finished making all the squares (or other motifs) before sewing them together. This time though, I’m joining them as I go – which means the blanket will already be in one piece by the time I make the last square! πŸ˜€

Winter Crochet3


Have you had a cloudy 2014, so far?

What do you like to do on a dreary day? C’mon, please tell us!



I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Anything But Grey — 5 Comments

  1. Good post. Going to get my nails done today will hopefully cheer me up. I am suffering from SAD very badly right now. I need sun!!! Maybe I’ll have Amy paint suns on my nails!!
    xx, Carol

  2. Not only has it been grey and snowy, the temps have been in the single digits. When it gets above freezing, it snows again and then the temps drop. I cannot remember a winter this bad. I think we have had 1 full week of school all year.
    Working for the bookstore keeps my spirits up. I like serving the students. My boss and co-workers are the best. Free hot tea, and cocoa is a plus too. Snuggling with my dogs while I’m doing lesson plans or reading a book helps too. I have also been making soups, chili and stews to keep me warm.

  3. Hi Sweetie! I’ve never tried that connect-as-you-go method. It sure beats having to sew them all together at the end. That’s always the part I dread. I love the pretty colors you’ve chosen for your blanket, and yes, that’s a really great way to enjoy a cold winter’s day!… I’ll take the cloudiness as long as there’s even the slightest chance that those clouds will bring a snowflake or two! xoxo Paulette πŸ˜‰

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