Falling for Beads

All this week, I’ve been feeling especially “fall-ish”.

Not sure whether it’s the Halloween posts I’ve done, or the brilliant gold leaves on our beech tree, or the recent chatting with friends about Thanksgiving plans, but the mood has inspired an autumn color palette in some jewelry I’ve been working on.


These earrings remind me of Indian Corn, which for many years was a fixture on our front door during November! 😀

Now available on my website


Try and find a few moments for some you time today . . .




Falling for Beads — 5 Comments

  1. No ‘me’ time today – work, then doctor’s appt, then home and fix the chicken braid for dinner with the family. Then chit chat and enjoy them. Maybe tomorrow…

  2. Good Morning.
    Fall is in the air today for sure. Our high temp is supposed to be 47. But I refuse to think about Thanksgiving until HALLOWEEN!!! YAY is done. I am so into the Halloween Holiday.

    Then I can plan the dinner to T-day while I am also working on Christmas presents.

    Then winter will wind down and it will be spring again.
    See how good I fast forward!!
    xx, Carol

  3. Hi Crystal!

    Those earrings are just beautiful! I LOVE your design and they’re delicate look. Those white-ish center beads are so pretty…AND all those sparklers too!!!

    Whenever I hang indian corn, the birds come and eat it…those little rascals! 😉

    Have yourself a fun fall day, Sweetie Pie!

    xoxo’s Paulette 😀

  4. Taking a little bit of time now between classes. Great looking earring, you do such fine work. After Halloween I will decorate the house for Thanksgiving, its amazing how fast everything is moving.

    Kouga will be a ghoul this weekend, and we are going to the pet expo and trick or treating event for dogs. Happy Halloween, everyone!!

  5. It’s finally fall here! A cold front at last blew through. I am of mixed feelings about this. At least it’s still sunny during the day– and the moon is gorgeous!

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