Giggles for a Friday

So whadda ya think?

Is this lady an extremely fussy ironer who noticed a wrinkle after hubby got dressed, and had to drop everything to smooth things out before she’d let him out the door?

Or is she somebody who avoids ironing at all costs, but decided, at the last second, she couldn’t let him be seen in public with a mass of wrinkles? πŸ˜‰


Well Kids, another week has flown by.

Hope you all have a frightfully good Halloween weekend – filled with treats!

(Try to avoid ladies with candy corn!) πŸ˜‰




Giggles for a Friday — 7 Comments

  1. That’s your question?!? I’m much more concerned that he appears to be dead! Is she ironing her zombie? Or trying to awaken her monster?!?

  2. You too. I’ve decided if I see any ladies handing out candy corn I’ll only ask for two!

  3. Morning Crystal!

    Funny one! I think I’ll go with … she never irons!

    You have a good Halloween too, sweetie. I’ll be thinking of you. πŸ™‚

    xoxo’s Paulette

  4. O honey no! You can’t see them because her eyes are closed, but her eyes are bloodshot from staying up too late beading. She doesn’t even know she’s ironing the shirt while on his back! And with that iron in her hand, he’s too scared to say a peep!!

    Happy Halloween!!

  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

    You guys are too funny!!!

    Yes, I had to wipe tea off of the computer screen. πŸ˜‰

    I love the bunch of you πŸ˜€

  6. I’ll go with the 2nd one–avoids ironing at all costs!

    At least that is how it is at my house; if it needs to be ironed, it goes to the cleaners! My husband wears a dress shirt every day, I only buy the wrinkle-fee, non-iron kind and use Downy wrinkle releaser! I think the last time the iron was used it was for a craft project my daughter did. (She also put it on the floor and burned the carpet–another reason to hate irons!)

    Have a great Halloween weekend! I’m off to buy candy– I only get the good stuff in case we don’t get a lot of kids. I only buy what I like–no candy corn at my house!

  7. Happy Halloween everyone. Fun day in class with everyone in costume. The BedBug costume won 1st place and an extra point. Perefect for the zoology class.

    I go with she never irons, I don’t either. Thank goodness maintenance mechanics don’t need ironed clothes.

    I don’t buy candy corn either, I’m a huge milk duds fan, and I also like anything else with caramel and chocolate.

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