TGIF Again!

Yay!!! Am I ever happy to see this week end.

Ha – “week end” and “weekend”!

Well, either way, I’m happy for both.

Sir Beads and I are just wiped out – too much on the schedule over the last several days.

Soooo, the weekend plan is to sleep late, have some leisurely meals, catch up on reading, and maybe watch a good movie.

(I’m feeling refreshed already!) 🙂


Here are a couple of Easter ornaments I made years ago.

When my kids were young, I loved to go all-out decorating for every single holiday!

Presently, I’ve scaled back a little, but I still enjoy scattering small decorations around the house to make things festive and fun! 🙂


Speaking of fun . . .
I hope your weekend holds a bit of rest, a sprinkle of fun, and lots of laughter!



Giggles for a Friday

So whadda ya think?

Is this lady an extremely fussy ironer who noticed a wrinkle after hubby got dressed, and had to drop everything to smooth things out before she’d let him out the door?

Or is she somebody who avoids ironing at all costs, but decided, at the last second, she couldn’t let him be seen in public with a mass of wrinkles? 😉


Well Kids, another week has flown by.

Hope you all have a frightfully good Halloween weekend – filled with treats!

(Try to avoid ladies with candy corn!) 😉




It’s going to be a lovely weekend.

(She said confidently!) 😉

Even though we have a bunch of boring spring/summer chores to do, I’m taking a positive approach and concentrating on ways we can enjoy a few little breaks in the action . . .

I’ve stocked up on our favorite snacks, and will make a nice dinner on Saturday night. By the time Sunday evening rolls around, we’ll be more than ready to put our feet up – maybe watch a movie from our stash of “bargain” DVDS.

I hope you have a good time, too!

See you Monday 😀