Long Time No Blog

Greetings Kids!

Remember me? πŸ˜‰

I know… It’s been a while.

Things are crazy busy around here – but I’ve missed chatting with you…

Hope all is well and that you’re seeing signs of spring in your world.
Here in New England, we’ve had a slow start to the season with trees only just beginning to bud.

I’ve been trying to fit in little blocks of time to create something – anything!

Many of you know that I firmly believe crafting is a stress-reducer… sort of a “vitamin” for the soul. When life gets very hectic, I cope by finding spare moments in the day to be creative.

For example, I did finally finish the bracelet I showed you a while back…

Z Beaded Bracelet Twin Beads

And currently, I’m quite taken with something that’s popping up all over the internet – shabby chic flowers! Here’s my first one with more to follow in an upcoming post.

click to enlarge


They’re made from scraps of various fabrics and all sorts of laces. For the decorative centers, you can use re-purposed jewelry, old buttons, or (as I did) you can make your own little beaded embellishments!

Finally, just for fun, I am including a photo of a recent dinner made for me by Sir Beads.

I… am… a… LUCKY… girl!

Who knew that after decades of doing all the cooking myself, I’d eventually be spoiled by a husband who would (after retiring) decide to become our cook.

Pinwheel of Beef, Cheese, and Spinach, Roasted Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables


Was it good? Oh yeah!

Please tell us your news. πŸ˜€



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