7 Quick Paths to Serenity

yogaladyStress. We all feel it sometimes, but the way we handle it usually determines how long it will last.

I’ve done a little research and gathered my findings in this edition of Lucky Seven!

It features 7 quick paths to serenity. 😀

1. Plan something
Having something to look forward to can be the perfect de-stressor.
Buy concert tickets, schedule dessert with a friend, make an appointment for a pedicure, order from a seed catalog, or plan a summer getaway!

2. Call a friend
Or email. Or visit! Discussing your worries helps you to feel cared for and can give you some perspective, too. What relief there is in sharing the burden!

3. Hit the tub
If you don’t have time for a hot bath – put a warm washcloth on your face. Take a deep breath and imagine you’re luxuriating in fragrant bubbles and feel the stress melt away!

4. Play soothing music
Before you know it, you’ll be breathing a contented sigh. Music truly has the power to calm and refresh.

5. Just Say No
Trying to be super-woman is a one-way trip to Stressville! Think carefully about your limitations, and stop trying to please everyone all the time.

6. Daydream
Research shows that spending a few moments gazing out a window at the clouds or the trees, and then allowing your thoughts to gently wander, can be a very beneficial way to snag a few moments of inner bliss.

And finally – my favorite tip of the bunch! 🙂
7. Show Those Pearly Whites
Did you know that smiling works both ways? We smile when we are happy – but the act of smiling can actually make us happy – even if we’re not at that moment. Smiling sends nerve impulses from the facial muscles to an emotional center in the brain, and those impulses push the neurochemical balance toward a feeling of contentment. So when you’re feeling tense – just smile!!!

How do you de-stress?



7 Quick Paths to Serenity — 10 Comments

  1. Actually one of my ways to de-stress is reading lovely blogs on the internet! It is my me time! We have been building a house for almost 3 years start to not quite so finished and my time away is checking out all the lovely internet blogs out there!
    I also love to just veg in front of the TV and watch a favourite show! I often forget about everything I am worrying about for a half hour or so!
    Then there is always shopping for something I have been wanting for ages! lol! I desperately need some sunglasses!

  2. This is a GREAT post, Crissie!

    Everyone has, or should have, their own path to Serenity.

    In 1972, don’t you like how I actually remember the year, my boss at the time told me not to stress over things I can’t change. I learned how to repeat the Serenity Prayer and try to live by it.

    I was tickled to see 2 of my stress relievers on the list. Just say no. I have learned to say the 2 letter word at work, my greatest place of stress. I am NOT everything to all people and sometimes I have to put the monkey back on THEIR back.

    You say daydream…well I have a Tiger calendar. The most peaceful thing that I can do at work is to take a few minutes to gaze at the current picture on my calendar. Their is something soothing for me to look into the cats eyes and ponder each detail of their face. Siberian Tigers….soothing fellows for me!

  3. I de-stress by praying. I ask the LORD to take on those worries for me and he does 😀 How lucky I am to have such a great and mighty LORD.


  4. One of my ways to de-stress is to exercise. If I go too long without going to the gym, I feel myself getting wound up. I try to take a pilates class a couple of times a week in addition; it’s my time to do something for me. I look at it more as a treat and less as exercise. I always come away feeling calmer.

  5. Hi Sweetie! I liked all your suggestions, especially the smile part! You know the old expression “Your not fully dressed till you put on your smile!” Maybe that’s another reason, along with the fact that you make others feel nice when you smile at them, even the grumpies! … Losing myself in creativity always helps with de-stressing too! Hugs, xoxo Paulette

  6. It is funny that I read this here right now. A few days ago I had recieved an email from an old friend and ex-co-worker who has lost her job about 6 months ago. She was very depressed and I could tell from her email that she was crying while writing it… She couldn’t find another job and she decided to attend a seminar at her church about how to deal with unemployment and with unpaid bills. Actually what happened was> the seminar just reminded her more about how desperate her situation was and it added to her depression. By the time the seminar was over she was really a mess.

    My response was: forget the seminar. Buy a cucumber, slice it, put 2 slices of that on your eyes, drink a great tea, listen to your favorite music and RELAX! Take the time God gave you for yourself, and don’t blame yourself for things you can’t control. And did I mention: go to the movies, watch a comedy!

    Luckily she followed my advice, and sure enough, right after that she landed a new job. It is just a temp. job, but she did realize how important it was to loosen up and take time for herself. I can only tell you, life is much more easier to tackle if you feel better about yourself.

    Live and relax!

  7. This may seem strange, but to de-stress and relax, I tend to get in my car, turn up the radio, and just drive. I don’t have to have a specific place in mind because the simple act of driving helps to soothe me. That coupled with my singing as loudly as I want to whatever music I’m listening too, seems to put me in a calm, or even happy, state of mind!

  8. #3 is my favorite! I absolutely love bubble baths- I try to have one once a week. I light lots of candles, put on some calming music, grab a glass of wine and sometimes a magazine, and I can be in there pampering myself for hours.

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