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giftwrapHi there 😀
It’s time for another weekly giveaway! If you’ve just landed here for the first time, I hope you’ll subscribe through the orange RSS button located on the sidebar, or put me in your “favorites” so that you’ll never miss your chance to enter.

A great big thank you goes out to each and every one of you who, last week, generously offered your input regarding the giveaways. I was just blown away by your thoughtful opinions, and the time you devoted to answering the survey. I truly appreciate it and I’ll be carefully considering everything that was suggested. There was one feeling that was almost unanimous though –


Ok! I hear you loud and clear and I definitely will. 🙂

Now on to the giveaway!

This week, I have a necklace in royal shades of blue that’s fit for a princess.

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I‘ve used some very special vintage beads in luscious light blue, midnight blue, and deep royal blue. The ovals have a gorgeous luster. They’re Vintage Moonglow Lucite, which is particularly rare in the oval shape. The larger round beads are Vintage Czech glass and they have exquisite faceting and an aurora borealis flash on one side. The smallest beads are contemporary Czech glass with a rich velvety sheen. Measurements: just under 20” in length. Closes with a textured, silver-plated, toggle clasp.

Contest Rules and How To Enter

Any day you leave a comment on this blog – it is counted as a chance to enter that week’s giveaway.

For example, if you answer today’s question (you’ll find it below!) that will give you one chance.

But if you then come back tomorrow and comment on tomorrow’s post too – you will have earned another chance in this week’s giveaway – so you’ll have 2 chances!

Return on the next day, comment, and you add another chance! And so on through the week. When you comment you do not have to mention that it’s an entry in the giveaway. My blog program shows me all of the “comments” as they come in – so I do not miss any of them, and all will count to be entered into the drawing! 😀

The giveaways end on Sundays, so you’ll have a little time to “catch up” if you missed any weekday posts.

Today’s question is:

Can you tell us about something that *you* really love – but friends, family, or co-workers just don’t seem to appreciate?

The Boring Stuff . . .
You must be 18 yrs. old. After the completion of the contest, the name of the winner will be listed here. The winner will also be notified by email. If the winner fails to respond to email within 3 days from the time notification email has been sent, the win will be null and void and a new winner will be chosen. The prize will be mailed via USPS First Class Mail

All entries must be received by 9:00 p.m. EST on 01/17/10, and the winner will be selected on or about 01/18/10.



Giveaway – Blue Velvet Necklace — 129 Comments

  1. I love skirts–stripes, ruffles, polka dots, pink, purple, white, anything feminine. I wear one whenever I can, even if I know everyone else will be wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I’m very girly in that way!

  2. this is too fun! i LOVE reading and knitting and my family (the bushel of boys) don’t get it! i love the necklace!

  3. I love anchovie and black olive pizza, but have yet to meet anyone else who’ll try it, much less love it like I do!

  4. I love step aerobics and the rest of the family just doesn’t get it. They are all runners and team sport players.

  5. I love to vacuum…I love clean sheets, I love heels, I love those small diet cokes…this list could go on and on.

  6. Love scented soaps but everyone else seems to like unscented. 🙂 Love the blue necklace!

  7. I love adventure sports but my husband and parents think that these are too risky!!

  8. I love working out on my wii fit. The rest of the family just wants to play games and get fit that way. They don’t get that I like all the aerobic workouts on it.

  9. My love for music. I have always loved classic music ever since I was a little girl however growing up my family always thought I was a little bit on the strange side, especially at that time a 6 year old wanting to listen to nothing but Beethoven and Mozart.

  10. I love atmospheric phenomena: clouds, sky with stars, meteors, rainbows, raining and snowing, foggy days too, icing, snowflakes.:-)

  11. I have a giant glass green turtle I found at a yard sale. My husband hates it. I have it in our sun room anyway!

  12. i like music its not a big part of my life, my sons are a different story now they know all the latest songs, videos. i like some artist more than other but i’m more into rock and my kids are in to country so its a big conterverser when we in the car and i want to hear mine and they wont to here theris, but guess who wins. not me.

  13. I love road trips, just get in the car and go – see where we land. My husband wants everything planned, reservations, gas mileage, etc.

  14. I love blogging and I am a giveaway enthusiast! Nobody in the family blogs and i am the only one entering contests online. I have to find friends of similar hobbies online.

  15. I love baking (which my partner doesn’t share in, but is happy to help with the eating!) and stepping on crunchy leaves (which is just one of those little things that can put a smile on my face, but other people just view as an amusing quirk of mine).

  16. I love couponing and getting amazing deals, but the rest of my family just don’t get it.

  17. I love green grass, plants, trees, flowers, moss, lichens, herbs, gardens and orchards, woods and forests. I love feeling when these still creatures are around me and helping me to breathe.

  18. I love heavy metal music and my parents just don’t get it. They think it’s just loud noise.

  19. I love to help people who are down. I am the biggest clown around the saddest person, even if it’s at the expense of making myself look foolish.

  20. I love to do volunteer work but my family just doesn’t understand. They think I’m taking someone’s paid job away from them.

  21. This sounds random but I am just the biggest Charlie’s Angels fan (the show, not the movie). I’ve seen all the episodes countless times and have tons of Angels memorabilia in my house- everything from mugs to pillows to Farrah Fawcett’s poster. My parents don’t like the show, and my friends (as it’s before our time) think it’s moldy-oldy and love the movies instead. Please tell me there’s another Angel out there- LOL!

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