A Berry Pretty Scarf ;-)

The other day I finished a scarf that I’ve been crocheting for a couple of weeks – on and off.

I always like to have an ongoing project – something I can easily pick up and work on during TV time.

It makes all those commercials a little easier to bear! πŸ˜‰


The pattern is called: “Queen Anne’s Lace”, and I’m so grateful to Carol for telling me about it. (You can find it here by scrolling down the page. The photos are no longer with the pattern – but more will turn up with a web search!)

This was fun to make, and easy enough that there’s no need to look at the directions once you get going. I used Red Heart “Soft” Yarn – a medium-weight worsted acrylic. Ordinarily, I’m not too crazy about Red Heart yarn, but I’d never seen this “soft” version before, and decided to give it a try. It’s fairly nice to work with – though it did separate a bit here and there, but nothing serious. The real test will come in the future after the scarf is washed.


The color is “Berry” and it’s “Very” pretty!! I couldn’t resist the pun in today’s title – shame on me! πŸ˜‰

What are you working on these days? Maybe you’re reading something that we’d all like? Seen a good movie, lately? πŸ™‚

See ya tomorrow,



A Berry Pretty Scarf ;-) — 13 Comments

  1. Yours turned out gorgeous and I love your choice of color. I made my first one with silver/grey Fiesta. My daughter grabbed it before I could get a pic. I am thinking of playing with this pattern and making it wider and making it kind of like a cowl or choker-type close to the neck kind of accessory. Also going to try it in thread to anchor to a V-neck T which is my fashion staple. Don’t you think putting a small motif or two on a T and cutting fabric away, like we used to do with battonburg lace would be cool. I am always thinking and never time to follow through ~lol~.

    Glad you liked the pattern.

    xx, Carol

  2. Very cool! I like the colour you picked! I wish I had seen a movie lately, at the theater that is, but with bubs! not such a good idea at the moment! I can always watch The Castle! Great Aussie movie!

  3. That’s beautiful! I love the paisley look you have to it, and it’s so fine and delicate. I think the berry colour is nice, I hope it works out in the wash!

    I’m preparing to make a pair of earrings for my daughter to match a necklace she broke while the beads were being shipped to me… LOL I’m reading Migraine, which is a medical book about migraines and probably of no interest to most people and a pretty heavy read. I saw a movie with a bad name by Bam Margera but I won’t discuss it here πŸ˜‰

  4. Hi Crystal
    I once crocheted a baby blanket. Well 8 months later, I had the baby and still hadn’t finished the small (receiving size) blanket. So I knotted it and that was it – done. I’ve never done anything like that again. No patience! I think I’m too ADD.
    I’m reading Cleopatra’s Daughter. It’s good and certainly makes you understand that time period a little more.

  5. How bright and cheerful at such a dreary time of the year! I’ve been working on unpacking my new apartment, lately, and haven’t had much time to craft…

  6. I always wanted to learn to crochet. I have a lot of doilies that my grandmother did by hand that I think are just beautiful. (I suppose the doilies are crocheted. Maybe there was a different technique back then?) This scarf is really pretty. You know what it reminds me of….Pretty In Pink. Molly Ringwald’s character wore a vest to school in the movie that I think was crocheted and I always thought it was such a cool look. Yep, I’m a child of the 80’s. πŸ™‚

  7. Beautifully done!! Love it. I bookmarked the page so I can go back to it. I want to try it. I am working on my hearts…still. πŸ™‚

  8. How beautiful! My grandmother crocheted all the time; the Queen Anne’s Lace pattern looks so familiar, but she never did a scarf with it. I have and use many of her creations: afghans, potholders, snowflake ornaments, etc. I love to think of her when I use them. She died 2 years ago at the age of 102! Such a long, happy life.
    My mom knits and my daughter knits & crochets. I do neither; I guess it skipped me! I do needlepoint when the mood strikes me. I finally finished a pillow last summer that I had been picking up & putting down for at least 10 years! I promptly started another one and have not touched it in months. Oh well.
    I have not read anything great lately. I keep checking books out of the library hoping to read something great, but I have not read anything worth recommending yet.
    I plan on going to see The Lovely Bones this weekend. Now that was a good book!!

  9. Nice scarf! I love to crochet as well. If I had people to give them to, I’d make scarves and hats all the time. As it is, I tend to make critters. Next up on my list is a penguin for one of my daughters.

  10. Hi Crystal! I just stopped in my tracks when I saw that beauty!
    I know you said it was easy, but it has such an intricate look. I’m going to go fetch the pattern, and hopefully try it myself! Thank you sweetie, and thank you to Carol too! Hugs, xoxo Paulette πŸ˜‰

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