I’ve Got the Music in Me

Want to feel as relaxed as a strand of “al dente” spaghetti?

Listen to music! 😀


Yesterday I was working on a jewelry order and decided to load the CD player instead of turning on the radio. I chose a very varied selection of genres from rock to classical to pop to easy listening. By the time, I finished beading, I was feeling incredibly relaxed and refreshed!

Of course we all know that music is good for you. It’s a well-established fact. There are even quotes about it. You’re probably familiar with the old expression: “Music soothes the savage beast”. (The original quote is “Music has charms to soothe a savage breast.” (spoken by “Almeria” in Act I of The Mourning Bride by English poet William Congreve.)

But after my experience yesterday, I decided to delve further and was interested to learn of recent studies, which suggest that music has an intense effect on both body and mind. Some hospitals are even using “music therapy” as an aid in healing. The benefits include lowering blood pressure, boosting immunity and easing muscle tension. With those attributes, no wonder music can be an important tool to help the body stay or become healthy!

If you’re looking for something different next time you buy a CD, try Linda Ronstadt’s “Cry like a Rainstorm – Howl like the Wind”. The duets with Aaron Neville, alone, are worth the price. I just played it and I’m feeling oh so “al dente” right now – awake but very relaxed. 😉

Is there a CD you’d recommend to the rest of us that either helps you relax… or never fails to brighten your day?


Have a delightful weekend, Kids! Since Monday is a holiday, I’ll see you bright and early on Tuesday. 🙂