A Woman’s Prerogative

When it comes to colors, I can be a bit inconsistent . . . my favorites are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

While I absolutely love the bright jewel tones of purple, royal blue and red, I also like more muted colors . . . and even neutrals – like taupes and greys.

This Necklace is a combination of my preferences. It has my favorite color – purple, but it’s a muted shade of purple, sort of lilac or a pale tanzanite hue.

The larger beads are Vintage Lucite.

They have a mottled effect on their surface in varying intensities of light purple and splashes of muted gold. The soft shading would remind you of the techniques that Monet and other Impressionist painters used in their work.

I also added Czech Fire polished crystals to this design. You’ll notice that one side of the bead is transparent and the other side is coated in a shiny metallic.

As always, this piece is so much prettier in person. Jewelry was truly meant to be viewed in 3-d, not in a photograph. 😉


Have a fantastic weekend, Kids!

Let’s all meet back here on Monday, ok? 😀



Falling for Beads

All this week, I’ve been feeling especially “fall-ish”.

Not sure whether it’s the Halloween posts I’ve done, or the brilliant gold leaves on our beech tree, or the recent chatting with friends about Thanksgiving plans, but the mood has inspired an autumn color palette in some jewelry I’ve been working on.


These earrings remind me of Indian Corn, which for many years was a fixture on our front door during November! 😀

Now available on my website


Try and find a few moments for some you time today . . .



Noodling Around

Monday Greetings!

On Friday, Carapace hoped I’d be “swimming in beads” over the weekend . . .

I was! 😉 (And I hope she had a chance to paint!)

I began by working on some jewelry orders, but I made sure to spend a little time “playing”, too.

I wanted to come up with a creative use for these beautiful Vintage Swarovski jewelry components.

Click photo to enlarge.

Because they’re such sparkling “hoops” – earrings seemed to be a natural choice, but I didn’t want to go the usual route of using wire or jump rings to make them dangle . . .

Ever since I returned to using thread last month with my Summer Wind flat spiral bracelet, I’ve been reminded just how much I enjoy it.

So I dug out the 11/0 seed beads and here’s what I ended up with. Earrings!!!

Click photo to enlarge.

They’re based on a Dulcey Heller design, and I may have to make some in other colors, as well! I have some gold rings with ruby red rhinestones that would be gorgeous for the holidays!

If you like to “play” with beads – the rhinestone rings seen above are available in my shop.


Are you ready for a weekly question? 😀

Here at our house, whenever we lose power during a storm, we have multiple clocks blinking as soon as the electricity is restored. Sometimes, right after we get every one of them reset, the power goes off AGAIN – for a minute or two (kind of a practical joke from the electric company, I suppose) so we have to do all of them a second time. Grrr! This has had us wondering if we really need all the clocks as we have.

How many clocks you have in your house? And could you function without a few of them?



Crocodile Tears

Yep, I’m crying . . . well, not really (but I’d like to!).

I have been trying for two days to get a good picture of this bracelet.

It’s similar to one I made a couple of weeks ago, except this one has gorgeous vintage Czech Peacock Beads!

See the largest round ones? They have amazing facets that pick up a rainbow of color. I hesitate to even show this photo because it doesn’t come close to the beauty of the piece in real life. Grrr! 😉

But you don’t want to hear me whine, and actually after telling you how frustrating it was – I feel so MUCH better. Thank you!

Feel free to tell me what’s bugging you.
After all, you listened to me sniffling – so I owe you one! 😀



Maid Wanted

Job Requirements:

Must do laundry
Wash floors
Clean Bathroom
Dust/organize all clutter
Food Shop
Do the bills
Smile while doing all of the above

This will allow the lady of the house to concentrate on making jewelry . . .

Like this, for example!

Hey, I can dream of having a maid, can’t I? 😉

I loved making the above earrings – even though it meant I will have twice as much laundry to tackle today!

Smiles and hugs,