Maid Wanted

Job Requirements:

Must do laundry
Wash floors
Clean Bathroom
Dust/organize all clutter
Food Shop
Do the bills
Smile while doing all of the above

This will allow the lady of the house to concentrate on making jewelry . . .

Like this, for example!

Hey, I can dream of having a maid, can’t I? đŸ˜‰

I loved making the above earrings – even though it meant I will have twice as much laundry to tackle today!

Smiles and hugs,



Maid Wanted — 9 Comments

  1. The earrings are just beautiful, I don’t blame you for not doing the laundry, trust me it won’t go anywhere without you.

    I always said “If I win the lottery the first call would be to a maid service.” Cleaning the house interfers with the rest of my life, and I hate it. Unfortunately, to win the lottery you actually have to buy a ticket so my chances aren’t looking to good right now.

    I do have to make a costume for Kouga so he can dress up for the dog events. He just loves to be the center of attention so dressing up is a big thrill for him. I always make the costume so we have a chance to win the most creative catagory. Last year he was a ghoul, not sure this year, any ideas out there?

  2. Hey, I used to wish for a maid too. But now the boys are bigger and I use them! They keep asking me (like our current favorite commerical) when I am going to go buy BIGGER grandsons. ~lol~

    Seriously. I was going to suggest that you begin to showcase some of your work here and new items in etsy, but I didn’t want to tell you how to run your blog. Its great fun here! I love how you know just the right beads to put together that compliment each other.

    Have a great day,
    xx, Carol

  3. Oh Crystal…going without doing those chores was soooo worth it! Those earrings are just stunning! You make such beautiful things all the time!

    Hurry up…do some chores today, just so you don’t totally get back logged… and then run back over to your craft table and get busy creating more gorgeous goodies!


  4. oh yes a maid!!I dont think hubby realises how much i do on a daily basis ,he just notices when something isnt done!

  5. crystal, you absolutely crack me up!!! and if anyone has a true understanding of “joie de vivre” it’s you, sweet girl!!! but most importantly, these earrings are stun-ning!!! i’ll bet if you made an extra pair, you could probably bribe someone to do some of those maid chores for you…..heeheehee! xox

  6. If I could afford it, I would hire someone to cook healthy diabetic meals for me and hubby. And maybe a little help with the dusting.

    Love those earrings.

  7. Oh wouldn’t it just be lovely to have someone to do all those awful chores! I would love to be able to just ignore it all and work on crafts all day!

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