Joie de Vivre

They say if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life!

Easier said than done – but oh so true.

I was recently reminded of this fact in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. Sir Beads and I had spent that morning doing weekend chores and then spontaneously agreed it was too nice a day to spend inside – so we went for a drive. As we motored through the quaint town center of a neighboring area, I suddenly spotted a Yarn Shop that I’d never seen before. I burst into a delighted cry of, “Oh wow, look at that!” Sir Beads smiled and quickly snagged a parking spot. (The man is a saint, I tell ya!)

As I opened the door of the shop, a little sign informed me that it was 5 minutes ’til closing. I explained to the lady who met me at the entrance that I’d just stopped to take a peek, and if I could spend 2 minutes scanning the store, I’d at least know what was available for a future visit.

She assured me it was no problem – she and her co-worker had some restocking to do. They’d simply lock the door after I entered, and I could stay as long as I wanted! (Sir Beads too, of course. Yep, he’s definitely a saint.)

These ladies were so very dear and so anxious for me to love their shop as much as they obviously did. I got the grand tour and seeing the joie de vivre – the joy in living – these ladies exuded, left me with no doubt – they LOVED their jobs!

And what did I think of the shop? OMG, it was fabulous!

So many kinds of beautiful yarn – many of which I’d heard about, but was never able to find! You know I left with a few. 😉

I plan to make some “one-skein” items with these beautiful yarns, which are made of bamboo and sugar cane.

And I have a plan for the pretty charcoal grey and light tan you see here.

I’m thinking of a couple of new friends for this little guy. (You can read about him here).

But back to the yarn shop . . .
Those ladies made quite an impression on me. Their enthusiasm was magnetic. They reminded me of something I already knew . . .

Finding the joy, in whatever you do, is the secret to happiness! 😀




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  1. OMGOSH! What a great yarn shop. We don’t have one near me, that I know of anyway. One open kinda near here, but from what I see, she offers pretty hi end stuff. Beyond my means. So its Hobby Lobby for me which really has a pretty good selection.

    I LOVE the colors you chose. We will patiently wait to see what you make.

  2. How wonderful to meet those ladies – who definitely love their work.

    I have to admit I’ve never been in a yarn shop and I hope I never do!

    Sorry, I know I’m heartless. But those of you who love it – thank goodness we have them for all of you to love.

  3. Morning Crystal!

    I think you’ve found yourself a sweet treasure of a shop…and you’re right, Sir Beads is a saint! The ladies were so sweet to let you stay and browse around.

    The yarns you selected are lovely, and that little bunny is too adorable! I wish I was better at knitting, but I’m so clumsy with two needles in my hands….I have to let go of one needle to yarn over, so you can just imagine how slow I go!!!

    Have a fun day. I hope you find some time to play with your new yarns, Sweetie!


  4. I love it when I find a nice, friendly knitting shop! It really does make all the difference- I won’t go to the nice, convenient one near the building where I work because the ladies there aren’t very friendly, but I will go out of my way to go to a further-away, friendlier one. Glad you had such a nice experience!

  5. ooh i aspire to be like those girls!!Attitude makes all the difference,big cities do seem to kill that for some reason.

  6. I love to go to the local quilt shop and I even attend the shows, but there is just no way I have the time or the patience to do one. I admire people who love to sew, knit and do other wonderful crafts, I on the other hand will continue to ride my harley and attend dog events. Its so nice that there is so much variety for everyone to find something they love to do, even if no else understands it.

  7. Now that is what you call a yarn shop! I’ve never seen so much yarn in my life!! That looks like a wonderful shop filled with so many beautiful colours, its like a big ol yarn rainbow its so pretty.

  8. What a wonderful find! I wish I could find something like that in my town! And having such enthusiastic owners only makes it better I’m sure!

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