I’d Be Lost Without It

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You’re just in time for the weekly question! 🙂

Around here, one of the first things we do each morning is turn on the teakettle. It’s electric and I love how quickly it heats! I can be enjoying a cup of tea a couple of minutes after I hit the “on” button.

We’ve had this teapot for about 10 years. Before that, I had to boil water on the stove – some years a gas stove, some years an electric. But, holy moly, with all of the stoves, water used to take forever to boil! There we’d stand patiently . . . waiting . . . waiting . . . which I guess explains why “they” came up with the expression “A watched pot never boils”.

(By the way, who are “they” and what makes them so smart?) 😉

Anyway, here’s my favorite mini appliance/kitchen gadget!

Take my TV, my washing machine, even my Swiffer dusters!

But I beg you . . . leave me my electric teapot!

What item in your home would you be lost without?




I’d Be Lost Without It — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Crystal!

    I like your electric tea pot! I usually just pop my teacup in the microwave for a minute and a half. I hate waiting for my tea kettle to boil on top of the stove, but if I’m making more than just my own cup, I have to….I may just need to get one of those nifty electric ones!

    Have a fun Monday, Sweetie! (I think I first today! 😀 )

    xoxo Paulette 😉

  2. …I meant I’M first today! Oh well, it’s late and past my bedtime. I’m lucky I can use THAT excuse this time! xoxo

  3. Come on Crissie! Washer..electric teapot…..washer, teapot….I reeeeely don’t think you want to be without your washer. Somehow I just can’t see you totin’ laundry down to Turtle Creek then draggin’ it back up~ Got the picture? Bye bye electric teapot, hello cup of water in the microwave ~lol~ Spoiler, MOI?

    Nope I ain’t giving nuthin up! Not even saying what my fav is. One time we had an ice storm in January that brought down power lines. We were out of electric from Saturday until Thursday…we have electric heat too. All motel rooms for miles around were taken. We froze it out. Luckily I had a gas stove then, so at least I could boil water.

    Nope, I did my time. I ain’t givin’ nuthin’ up!

    Have a great day!!
    xx, Carol

  4. Besides my computer and cell, I’d be lost without my microwave. Thirty some years ago I got my first one. My husband insisted we have one, I wanted no part of it. Well, we bought it and i left it in the box sitting in the middle of my kitchen for a month!!! Once I used it, I was hooked.

  5. The ice maker. I get mad at it when it can’t keep up. 😀

    I have ice water with lemon juice sitting next to me at all times. I am sipping throughout the day.

    For my hubby, that would be the microwave. He absolutely could not function without it. Bacon, soup, hot dogs… mostly.

  6. My laptop is my lifeline, I use it for everything from homework to keeping up with everyone and what they are doing.

    As far as kitchen appliances go, I appreciate my refrigerator. Without my frig, I would have to go grocery shopping all the time and I hate grocery shopping.

    Today is Int’l chocolate day, we also celebrate Beer days on the 16th, and Constitution day on the 17th. Where would we be without the wonderful US Constitution. Enjoy this weeks celebrations, everyone!!

  7. I’d be lost without my pinkberry (my cell phone) it is my phone, my alarm clock, my agenda book, I set reminders, it has the internet, my emails get sent to it, it has everyones phone numbers/address stored in it, pictures. Ok I think your geting my point LOL! But if we are talking about household items that dont leave my house I’d say the microwave since its useful for so many things, and I use that to heat up my water for tea!

  8. For me it is my GE toaster oven. It is very big and you can bake anything in it. No heating up the whole house in the summer for fish, scallops banana bread, frozen pizza…anything you want! I bought it at Walmart about 5 years ago for $50. Worth every penny. I use it every day for something.

  9. I need my blender for daily smoothies and protein shakes. Or I could be frivolous and say our electric towel warmer; once you have one, you always want a warm towel after a shower!
    BTW just wanted to say the new bracelet and earrings you posted above are gorgeous.

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