Joie de Vivre

They say if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life!

Easier said than done – but oh so true.

I was recently reminded of this fact in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. Sir Beads and I had spent that morning doing weekend chores and then spontaneously agreed it was too nice a day to spend inside – so we went for a drive. As we motored through the quaint town center of a neighboring area, I suddenly spotted a Yarn Shop that I’d never seen before. I burst into a delighted cry of, “Oh wow, look at that!” Sir Beads smiled and quickly snagged a parking spot. (The man is a saint, I tell ya!)

As I opened the door of the shop, a little sign informed me that it was 5 minutes ’til closing. I explained to the lady who met me at the entrance that I’d just stopped to take a peek, and if I could spend 2 minutes scanning the store, I’d at least know what was available for a future visit.

She assured me it was no problem – she and her co-worker had some restocking to do. They’d simply lock the door after I entered, and I could stay as long as I wanted! (Sir Beads too, of course. Yep, he’s definitely a saint.)

These ladies were so very dear and so anxious for me to love their shop as much as they obviously did. I got the grand tour and seeing the joie de vivre – the joy in living – these ladies exuded, left me with no doubt – they LOVED their jobs!

And what did I think of the shop? OMG, it was fabulous!

So many kinds of beautiful yarn – many of which I’d heard about, but was never able to find! You know I left with a few. 😉

I plan to make some “one-skein” items with these beautiful yarns, which are made of bamboo and sugar cane.

And I have a plan for the pretty charcoal grey and light tan you see here.

I’m thinking of a couple of new friends for this little guy. (You can read about him here).

But back to the yarn shop . . .
Those ladies made quite an impression on me. Their enthusiasm was magnetic. They reminded me of something I already knew . . .

Finding the joy, in whatever you do, is the secret to happiness! 😀