A Woman’s Prerogative

When it comes to colors, I can be a bit inconsistent . . . my favorites are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

While I absolutely love the bright jewel tones of purple, royal blue and red, I also like more muted colors . . . and even neutrals – like taupes and greys.

This Necklace is a combination of my preferences. It has my favorite color – purple, but it’s a muted shade of purple, sort of lilac or a pale tanzanite hue.

The larger beads are Vintage Lucite.

They have a mottled effect on their surface in varying intensities of light purple and splashes of muted gold. The soft shading would remind you of the techniques that Monet and other Impressionist painters used in their work.

I also added Czech Fire polished crystals to this design. You’ll notice that one side of the bead is transparent and the other side is coated in a shiny metallic.

As always, this piece is so much prettier in person. Jewelry was truly meant to be viewed in 3-d, not in a photograph. 😉


Have a fantastic weekend, Kids!

Let’s all meet back here on Monday, ok? 😀