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Monday Greetings!

On Friday, Carapace hoped I’d be “swimming in beads” over the weekend . . .

I was! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (And I hope she had a chance to paint!)

I began by working on some jewelry orders, but I made sure to spend a little time “playing”, too.

I wanted to come up with a creative use for these beautiful Vintage Swarovski jewelry components.

Click photo to enlarge.

Because they’re such sparkling “hoops” – earrings seemed to be a natural choice, but I didn’t want to go the usual route of using wire or jump rings to make them dangle . . .

Ever since I returned to using thread last month with my Summer Wind flat spiral bracelet, I’ve been reminded just how much I enjoy it.

So I dug out the 11/0 seed beads and here’s what I ended up with. Earrings!!!

Click photo to enlarge.

They’re based on a Dulcey Heller design, and I may have to make some in other colors, as well! I have some gold rings with ruby red rhinestones that would be gorgeous for the holidays!

If you like to “play” with beads – the rhinestone rings seen above are available in my shop.


Are you ready for a weekly question? ๐Ÿ˜€

Here at our house, whenever we lose power during a storm, we have multiple clocks blinking as soon as the electricity is restored. Sometimes, right after we get every one of them reset, the power goes off AGAIN – for a minute or two (kind of a practical joke from the electric company, I suppose) so we have to do all of them a second time. Grrr! This has had us wondering if we really need all the clocks as we have.

How many clocks you have in your house? And could you function without a few of them?




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  1. We have too many dang clocks! I’d frankly be happy with just the one on the oven. Can’t do without my over timer!

    And yes, I spent the weekend covered in paint. Triumph!:D

  2. Blinking clocks drive me crazy!! And our electricity goes out a lot. When it rains. When the wind blows. For no good reason, it just goes out.

    I had no idea how many clocks we have, so I went room-to-room mentally.

    kitchen: double oven, microwave
    living room: wall clock
    family room: vcr, 2 stand alone, wall clock, radio
    foyer: wall clock
    garage: wall clock
    master bedroom: 8 track/radio, vcr, laptop, stand alone
    bedroom2: radio
    bedroom3: radio, computer, printer/scanner, wall clock, stand alone
    bedroom4: wall clock, vcr
    master bath: radio

    Total: 23

    Most are not even necessary since both hubby and I are now retired.

    I would keep the clocks built into a product and trash the rest.

  3. The earrings are great! Nice combo of seeds and vintage crystal!

    You don’t REALLY want me to go around this house and count all our clocks on a Monday morning, now do you!!

    With clocks on my cell phone, the computer and in the car, I never wear a watch anymore. Honestly, the only clock that I absolutely depend on is the one on the coffee pot. It makes sure that I have fresh brew as soon as I wake up!! Its what makes me so cheerful. And the smell of fresh coffee lures me out of bed. (That and Terry’s gentle get up nudges).

    Resetting all the clocks in the house is a pain..the one on the stove, microwave, kitchen radio, coffee pot, alarm clock, the thing on the alarm clock that puts little red numbers on the wall so we don’t actually have to turn our head to see the alarm clock…and clocks, and clocks, and clocks.

    O, money, come to meeee!
    Make my life Eeeeesssssy!
    No need for time
    the world is mine
    No where to be
    No clocks for me!!

  4. We have 6 clocks that need to be reset when power goes out. I could eliminate two of them (guest bedrooms!) Many times I don’t reset them until I have guests coming to town. The grand kids don’t care if they have blinking lights in the bedroom (I’d go crazy).

  5. Gorgeous earrings – I love what you did with the hoops too – so creative!

    We don’t have a whole lot of clocks, and most of them are not digital so we don’t have the power outage problem. I actually feel like we could use more of them in our house – I just had to put one in my craft room recently since I have a tendency to spend hours in there without realizing it. The clock hasn’t actually helped on that front though, but at least I’m aware of the hours I’m spending! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. lovely earrings….so unique!!I have to admit im really into sparkles as i get older..
    As for the clocks there are 4 in appliances in the kitchen alone!Luckily the hydro only cuts out a few times a year,i let hubby reset them lol.

  7. I have only the clock on the microwave and the alarm clock. The grandfather clock doesn’t lose time in a storm. Just have to remember to wind it.

    September 28th, we celebrate
    Ask a Stupid Question Day (one of my favorite days) and also National Good Neighbor Day

    29th, Confucius Day – Try your luck. Get a Fortune Cookie.

    I’m hoping that next week’s holidays will be al ittle better, slim pickings this week.

  8. Our power goes out a LOT in the winter, which is probably why I only count 5 or 6 clocks to reset. But the most annoying is the coffee maker with digital timer, which is apparently too complicated for me to remember how to reset, and every time it happens I have to drag out the little manual to do it!

  9. Hi Crystal!

    Those earrings are stunners! Girly and sparkly…love them! You make the prettiest things! ๐Ÿ™‚

    …Oh it’s such a pain when we lose power, especially when it just blinks out for a few seconds but enough to just mess up everything.

    I can count ten clocks…not including the ones on all the cable boxes and computers. Pretty soon we’ll be turning them back an hour. That’s the one time I don’t mind adjusting all of them. I love the longer evenings!

    xo Paulette

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