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  1. It cracks me up that you call us “kids”. Hee!

    Have a great weekend! I intend to spend mine covered in paint; may yours be swimming in beads!

  2. Yay Yay Friday!!
    The boys are going to the UFC fight in Indy tomorrow and I get a day alone with my guy!!

    A whole day just him and me to be quiet. And all day he’s gonna be worrying if the boys are OK and what they are doin’! ~lol~

    No matter what I am going to do something artful tomorrow.

    Have a grrrrrreaaaaattttt Weekend!!
    xx, carol

  3. I sent a Love Note in my husband’s lunch today. It has been a crazy week for homework, so I have been late posting. I even got to hug my vegetarian friend Alex today, I saw her at school. I have fulfilled my committment to the holidays today. Now I will have to dig up whats in store next week.

    Hubs work picnic is tomorrow and I’m looking forward to getting out and having some fun. Take Care.
    Huggs to you!!!

  4. Thank you to you, dear Crystal, for keeping this beautiful blog, where there’s always a bit of sunshine to start the day!

    Love you lots!
    Paulette xoxo

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