Mopsy and Me

Last week, as I was tidying up my work table, I had a decision to make . . . Should I just put everything away?

There were supplies and extra fabric for an item I made at Easter.

Remember “Pamela Cottontail”?

Even though, I had cut out enough pieces for two bunnies, here it was weeks later and I still hadn’t gotten around to making the second one – time flies!

As I held the pattern pieces in my hands, I decided it would be easier to go ahead and make a second one while the supplies were still out. If I put them away, it would be harder to gather them in the future.

So, I began with every intention of creating a “brother” (Peter!) for Little Pamela. There was just one problem. The second bunny wasn’t looking much like a boy by the time I was finished. Her vest was too fancy!

What to do? Well, I figured Pamela could use a sister, too, so I made her a girly hat, and named her “Mopsy”! 🙂


Well, Kids, after I went on and on yesterday about comments, Carapace said there should be a way to “subscribe” to comments! And of course she was right!

So, I put on my thinking cap, and now you’ll find a new button in the sidebar to click on – if you’d like to subscribe to the comments, here. (As always, the orange button is for subscribing to the blog posts)

May your weekend be fun and relaxing . . .

all at the same time! 😀

Hugs for all,


Mrs. Cottontail, I Presume

What’s 5 inches tall, sewn entirely by hand, and wearing a purple vest?

That would be “Pamela Cottontail” – a little bunny I just finished. 😉


Years ago, I used to make a lot of these for craft fairs. Lately, I’ve been having a yen to sew something, and since it’s almost Easter, I decided to pull out my old design.

My sewing machine is currently packed away, but no matter because I especially love to sew small items by hand. What fun I had making this cutie, again!


Her buttons are vintage Swarovski crystals in a beautiful multi-color effect called “Vitrail Medium”.

“Pamela” could use a brother or a sister, but I’m afraid I’m out of time to provide one by Easter.

However, after this short spell of sewing, I’m inspired to make another one (or three) for next year! 😀

Is there something that you used to enjoy that you’ve been meaning to do again?


I Heart – Hearts!

Last week, Sir Beads brought home a bag of these . . .


We both remember them fondly from when we were kids.

Having them around the house (and eating them of course) put me in the mood to make a small heart of some kind. I decided to do a search for “crochet heart” and came across this pattern. I made a few one night while watching TV.

Crochet Hearts

The pattern mentioned making a garland of them, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that. I started thinking of the conversation hearts again and one thing led to another. I began by sewing on a felt backing and then cut some felt scraps to make a flower.


But, what does this have to do with conversation hearts you ask? Well, I had an idea to make a “pocket” on the reverse side to hold a little message.


And here’s the final result . . .


The nice thing is that the felt version has no calories! 😉


There’s a Day for Everything

A couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning out a bureau where I store craft supplies and assorted sewing projects. One of the drawers has pattern pieces that have been cut from fabric, snippets of yarn and lace, and various items in different stages of work – most of them are nowhere near to completion. They’re leftover from the days I used to make dolls and ornaments for gift shops and fairs.

But at the bottom of the pile, I found these five pieces!


I had done the hard part long ago! It wouldn’t take much to finish the little guy. I remember that I made a bunch of them in cotton prints way back when, but this one is a fine wool in a pretty camel tan color.

Whenever my grandmother was working on something that she had put off for a long time, she’d always say, “There’s a day for everything!”

So, this was Teddy’s day. I decided to make a bow tie for him and found some dark brown gingham.


Instead of the usual buttons, I chose tiny metal snaps for the eyes – mainly because I didn’t like any of the buttons I had on hand. Up until recently, I probably would have delayed finishing the bear until I could shop for the right buttons, but I have tons of stuff already and lately I’m thinking I should at least try to use something I have!

So here he is – all done!


He needs a name. Any suggestions? 🙂