Mrs. Cottontail, I Presume

What’s 5 inches tall, sewn entirely by hand, and wearing a purple vest?

That would be “Pamela Cottontail” – a little bunny I just finished. 😉


Years ago, I used to make a lot of these for craft fairs. Lately, I’ve been having a yen to sew something, and since it’s almost Easter, I decided to pull out my old design.

My sewing machine is currently packed away, but no matter because I especially love to sew small items by hand. What fun I had making this cutie, again!


Her buttons are vintage Swarovski crystals in a beautiful multi-color effect called “Vitrail Medium”.

“Pamela” could use a brother or a sister, but I’m afraid I’m out of time to provide one by Easter.

However, after this short spell of sewing, I’m inspired to make another one (or three) for next year! 😀

Is there something that you used to enjoy that you’ve been meaning to do again?