Mrs. Cottontail, I Presume

What’s 5 inches tall, sewn entirely by hand, and wearing a purple vest?

That would be “Pamela Cottontail” – a little bunny I just finished. πŸ˜‰


Years ago, I used to make a lot of these for craft fairs. Lately, I’ve been having a yen to sew something, and since it’s almost Easter, I decided to pull out my old design.

My sewing machine is currently packed away, but no matter because I especially love to sew small items by hand. What fun I had making this cutie, again!


Her buttons are vintage Swarovski crystals in a beautiful multi-color effect called “Vitrail Medium”.

“Pamela” could use a brother or a sister, but I’m afraid I’m out of time to provide one by Easter.

However, after this short spell of sewing, I’m inspired to make another one (or three) for next year! πŸ˜€

Is there something that you used to enjoy that you’ve been meaning to do again?



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  1. Your sewing machine is PACKED AWAY!!! What the heck. Even if you are not thinking of using it, you don’t PACK IT AWAY!! She lays in wait to make you sorry when you finally miss your old best friend ~lol~

    I always have a yen to make something I used to…or should I say to use a technique I used to. For me, right now, I have a paint project it in the works. I am gathering materials (paints, stamps, Prisma pencils) and the courage to start. You see, I have a wonderful new white jacket that I obsessed over until I went back to buy it. Now, I need to turn it…turn it?…yes turn it into the work of art my mind envisions while I gather information on the newest products and techniques to use.

    When I was young, I led the way. Today I follow directions. Tomorrow I write my own. Wow. That was quotable!! I just jotted that in my journal. I’m gonna USE that!!

    Happy Easter, Sis. O, only Tuesday. I’ll be back before Easter.
    /xx, Carol

  2. She is so cute! You should make one for a prize Crystal, she would be lovely in anyones home!

    I really want to make a pettiskirt for my daughter but it looks so scary!

  3. I used to make holiday wreaths but I haven’t done that in years. Maybe, just maybe I’ll start again (but not likely) I like to talk about it but don’t follow through – much like saying I’m going to lose weight. (talk about it but it just doesn’t happen!)

  4. Mrs Cottontail definately needs a Mr. Cottontail. They would make an absolutely adorable pair. I don’t have any talent for crafts but I can design them. I come up with the designs and then my cousin’s husband who is an artist helps me bring them to life, even his daughter helps. About the only crafts I can do are things like kids crafts that don’t take alot of talent.
    One of the things I do well is bake and I want to make homemade dog bones for the no-kill shelter by my house. I need to do that again, because the dogs just love them.

    I would love it if you did a bunny as a prize also, even if I had to save it for next Easter. I’m not kidding, I find your talents amazing. I love your jewelry creations but I don’t feel right entering again since I won already. Have a great Easter and I want to know if your daughter enjoyed the Peeps.

  5.……this is SO stinkin’ cute, i can’t stand it!!!! and i love her little vest!! she has such a precious personality….just like you!!! :)))

    p.s. thank you for the very sweet comments you leave for me…..i appreciate you! :)))

  6. Pamela, Pamela there’s work to be done!
    There’s baskets to fill with freshly cut grass.
    Only the longest ones will pass.
    Now off to the chicken coup to snatch a few eggs
    that will be dyed with the best fresh hay.
    Your Easter hat will be simple as can be
    with one yellow flower for others to see.
    I know you’ve done a lot today, so sit
    Pamela, some friends have come for tea.

  7. GAH! I do not normally expect this blog to headsmack me with Adorable! That is one sweet bun! She could even win me over, and I am not normally a sweet bunny kind of girl.

    Ok, I lie. I am. Keep it under your bonnet, ok? But I’m a sucker for Easter bunnies. I cuddle Pamela from afar!

  8. That is just the cutest!! Did you insert anything inside other than stuffing?

    My poor sewing machine is put away too. I needed the space so I could crochet. πŸ˜€

    Happy Easter!!

  9. Hi Donna πŸ™‚
    Just polyfil stuffing, but it really could use a little weight in the bottom to stand more easily.

    I don’t have any on hand right now, but I’ve used those little plastic stuffing pellets in the very bottom of fabric angels I used to make. That helped them to stay standing in a sudden breeze!

    I hear ya about needing room to crochet! We have to keep rearranging our space to fit our latest crafts! πŸ˜€

    Happy Easter!

  10. I used to embroider often! I need to get out my things and start working on them! I have a pile of embroidery patterns to start on! Just haven’t in so long! xo

  11. I’m in love with this little Pamela Bunny! How cute is she?!!! … Crystal, her face is so adorable, and I love her whiskers and vest! Your girls are going to be fighting over this…hurry, make another one, quick! hee hee hee! xoxo Paulette

  12. Hey, thanks!! I was just curious since it looked so straight. I thought maybe you had inserted something like the short, smaller size Crystal Light container.

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