Maximize Your Manicure


Keeping your nails pretty doesn’t have to be expensive or overly time consuming.

Over the years, I’ve learned that the secret to a long-lasting manicure is in the polish and how you apply it.


The Polish

As you know, there are lots of high-priced brands of nail polish out there, but I’ve found that price is no predictor of how well a polish will wear. For me, “Sally Hansen” stays on longer than a lot of the more expensive brands – if you use the following steps.

The Method

1. Use a Sally Hansen polish that has a pearl or frosted finish.

2. Apply two thin coats, waiting a FULL 15 minutes after the first coat before beginning the second.

3. Do not put your hands in water for at least TWO HOURS after applying the second coat. Actually, it’s best if you can just sit and relax during that time. Why not read or watch a movie! 🙂


polishThese simple steps keep my polish looking good for up to 2 full weeks, which I love!

After all, who has time to fuss any more often than that? 🙂




Maximize Your Manicure — 7 Comments

  1. O, I remember when I used to have nails to paint!! Sorrowfully, I don’t take much care with them anymore. My nails are super thin…Gosh…I just looked at them and they are longer than I thought!!

    I was reading an advertisement for nail polish that you put on and it dries immediately. It was so important to me that I have totally forgotten who makes it!!

    Anyway, my nails usually grow better in the summer but I can’t keep polish on them because I am always messing in the garden. Even on my way to work in the AM some weed catches my eye that I must yank out before I get in the car.

    O, well. Enjoy your manicure.
    Happy April Fools Day
    Be sure to prank Sir Beads.

  2. I didn’t know there were things you could do to make your nail polish last longer. I will have to try these tips especially since I was going to do my nails for Easter.

  3. Oh how I wish I had time to do this! You can bet as soon as I paint one nail the baby will cry!

  4. Seems the only time I do my nails is in the summer….I like toe nail polish for sandle wearing and then do my finger nails as well. I have no nails to boast about, but a little color makes me ‘feel’ dressed up!

  5. I will have to try the tips! thanks! I find it so hard to wait until they dry because I am very impatient!!! xoxo

  6. What great tips! I always rush and start my second coat as soon as I’m done with my first! I like Sally Hansen too…it figures, we’re so alike! xoxo Paulette

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