Peeps update! πŸ™‚

Oh my goodness! I forgot to report on how things went with the peeps. (original post here) My daughter said that everything arrived in fine shape. She said the candy peeps were in perfect condition, even though the little cellophane package they come in had a slight bend in it. And the plush “toy” peep only needed a few pats to make his “fur” look good as new. πŸ™‚ Yay!!!


We were so relieved to hear it. In the future though, we’ll probably make sure we have the right shipping box at home – ahead of time! No more assuming we can find an appropriate size, last minute, at the post office.

Spring girlsTo those who celebrate Easter, I wish you a very lovely day!

And may every one of us have a relaxing and refreshing Spring weekend!

Thanks a million for your sweet and thoughtful comments! Meet ya back here on Monday for another fun week! πŸ˜€




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  1. Happy Easter to you too. On Saturday Kouga dog and I are going to the Easter Egg hunt for dogs. There has been an explosion of these in our area in the last few years. There are 3 of them on Saturday and last Saturday there were two more. Last Saturday we got prize egg with a gift card and a book.
    On Sunday we go to church and then there is a breakfast at church for everyone. The youth cook it and they do a great job. Later on my aunt will be having dinner. I bring the homemade mac and cheese.

    I hope all is well and for those who celebrate Easter have a blessed one.

  2. Thinking of you this AM as I watch the news as they report the Peeps Show….yes yes yes! Peeps all dressed up in costumes in settings of everyday life. There were chick peeps driving the wagon train across the county in the 1800s to settle on new land. The was a Peep bunny that just landed on the moon. Them peeps was doin EVERYTHING!

    Everybody loves peeps. Me, I only look at them. But they came to my house yesterday. A cute little peep sitting on top of creamy frosting topped cupcakes. Yummmm. ( I took mine off and left it in the box. It was gone the next time I looked.)

    Have a Blessed weekend, friend.
    Lots of love and hugs

  3. Hi Kelly Ann,
    Yay for Kouga the wonder dog!! πŸ™‚

    Homemade mac and cheese? Yum!!! One of my favorites! Have an extra forkful for me, ok?

  4. Kym,
    If you see this, I’ve been trying to email you – but they all come back. Is your mailbox full?

    πŸ™‚ Crystal

  5. Happy Easter Crystal. Relax, enjoy and most important – laugh and smile.

  6. i’m so happy to hear that the peeps arrived safely (there’s nothing worse than crushed peeps!!!)!! blessings to you this weekend!! :))

  7. HI Crystal! Really! Oh no, that is strange. Oh I see the problem, thanks for bringing it to my attention, I wouldn’t have realized. Should work now πŸ™‚ The email addy was partially wrong.
    Happy Easter to you too!

  8. I’m so happy to know that your goodie Peep box arrived safely, and in time for Easter! xoxo

  9. I bought Peeps for the very first time this year… we ended up throwing some away. Much too sweet for our palettes!

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