I Heart – Hearts!

Last week, Sir Beads brought home a bag of these . . .


We both remember them fondly from when we were kids.

Having them around the house (and eating them of course) put me in the mood to make a small heart of some kind. I decided to do a search for “crochet heart” and came across this pattern. I made a few one night while watching TV.

Crochet Hearts

The pattern mentioned making a garland of them, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that. I started thinking of the conversation hearts again and one thing led to another. I began by sewing on a felt backing and then cut some felt scraps to make a flower.


But, what does this have to do with conversation hearts you ask? Well, I had an idea to make a “pocket” on the reverse side to hold a little message.


And here’s the final result . . .


The nice thing is that the felt version has no calories! 😉


Feathering the Nest

manwomaniconsSometimes, it’s easy to feel a bit of sympathy for the male of the species. Many of them have absolutely no understanding of the pretty little frills and frou-frou to which women are innately attracted. Take decorative pillows, for example. 😉

This particular point was driven home to me one Saturday morning as Sir Beads was helping me make the bed. We were in a hurry to leave the house that day. He dashed back into the bedroom to see what was holding me up and decided to help. After the comforter was in place, I began to arrange some small throw pillows and tossed a couple towards him to position on his side.

He groaned:

“It’s that darn Martha Stewart! She’s making life miserable for guys! Who needs all these extra pillows? What is their purpose?”

Well, I cracked up laughing. And I had to agree. There is no purpose for them . . . but they do look nice! 😀

I guess all of this supports the theory that “Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus”.

And since I’m from Venus . . . I made another small throw pillow this week.

heart pillowz

I had seen some over at don_mae’s that were so cute – I just couldn’t resist. The pattern is fairly basic crochet. I made two hearts; single-crocheted them together, and then experimented until I got a ruffle I liked. I settled on 6 double crochet stitches in each single crochet around the perimeter of the heart for a very full effect. The pillow still looked a little plain somehow, so I added the felt flowers.

It’s adds a cute little touch of Valentine’s Day to the sofa, don’t you think? 😉