Feathering the Nest

manwomaniconsSometimes, it’s easy to feel a bit of sympathy for the male of the species. Many of them have absolutely no understanding of the pretty little frills and frou-frou to which women are innately attracted. Take decorative pillows, for example. 😉

This particular point was driven home to me one Saturday morning as Sir Beads was helping me make the bed. We were in a hurry to leave the house that day. He dashed back into the bedroom to see what was holding me up and decided to help. After the comforter was in place, I began to arrange some small throw pillows and tossed a couple towards him to position on his side.

He groaned:

“It’s that darn Martha Stewart! She’s making life miserable for guys! Who needs all these extra pillows? What is their purpose?”

Well, I cracked up laughing. And I had to agree. There is no purpose for them . . . but they do look nice! 😀

I guess all of this supports the theory that “Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus”.

And since I’m from Venus . . . I made another small throw pillow this week.

heart pillowz

I had seen some over at don_mae’s that were so cute – I just couldn’t resist. The pattern is fairly basic crochet. I made two hearts; single-crocheted them together, and then experimented until I got a ruffle I liked. I settled on 6 double crochet stitches in each single crochet around the perimeter of the heart for a very full effect. The pillow still looked a little plain somehow, so I added the felt flowers.

It’s adds a cute little touch of Valentine’s Day to the sofa, don’t you think? 😉




Feathering the Nest — 14 Comments

  1. Hi Crystal,
    Oh your heart pillow is adorable,the ruffles are a perfect amount of frou-frou and frilly and cute felt flowers too.

    I think it is so awesome to be able to make something like that on a whim and even for a holiday..love it!!

    When i was a teen my mom wanted to teach me to crochet and i wanted nothing to do with it. Seeing things like your cute pillow makes me wish i did! I suppose it is never to late although jewelry and beads are my passion. I am busy trying to still master loops and closures haha

    If you have any essential oils like rose or rose geranium you could use your little pillow for aromatherapy,and then you could say there really is a purpose for them 😉

    Thank you for your email, i am happy to be Ginger here!

  2. Your heart pillows are so so cute! That little group of pillows on your couch….well, I always wanted to be able to do that. But Cor and Ky, well, they think pillows were made to throw at each other!! I always say when the chicks have left the nest, my house will be how I want it to look. It was for a short time, then the chicks returned. Actually, I am glad they are here. They give me something to B**** about daily. I get it out all at one time then I’m good to go for the next 24. ~lol~ well, wanna buy a bridge?

    xx, Carol

  3. Hi Crystal,
    Cute pillow! I wish I was as creative.

    I completely agree with men’s lack of understanding the whole throw pillow thing. I am somewhat pillow obsessed; I have 12! pillows on my bed!! My husband does not get it & if he makes the bed, they end up every which way. (Maybe that is just his way of getting out of making the bed!!)
    The bed (or sofa or whatever) somehow looks naked without the pillows.
    It is a finishing touch.

  4. That’s really cute. I’ve always wanted to make a stuffed owl pillow, but alas…there sits my sewing machine with the plastic shroud over it, untouched. Mind you this is the same sewing machine that I bought before Thanksgiving, and I still haven’t gotten around to fiddling with it. To add to my shame, I’ve even bought fabric for my daughter’s curtains, that still sits neatly folded over the weight bench (which is itself also ignored). Maybe I should take up procrastination as a hobby, but I’d probably never get around to it.
    By the way Crystal…thanks for your sweet emails. 🙂 Also I received my necklace and it is SO so so pretty. I did my “win” dance when I opened it. That’s where I dance like Elaine off Seinfeld and point my fingers in the air going “woo hoo”.

  5. I can’t even sew a button on! Your heart pillow is adorable. My husband
    feels the same way about too many pillows. He is probably glad that I can’t make a pillow, but I do buy handmade ones.
    Thanks, Cindi

  6. I admire your talent, I cannot sew, quilt, knit, or crochet, but I can buy the wonderful handmade items online and at local craft shows. I have decorated for Valentines day and I love all pink, purple and white hearts along with the stuffed animals.

  7. haha! That story make me giggle! My husband has no idea about a house or garden layout, and when I say something he will say “I was thinking something completely different”, we are on completely different wave lengths sometimes! His logic is not my logic! Like your pillow I have just got to the point where I say well I like it! 🙂
    Plus that pillow is huggable!

  8. How adorable! It’s the perfect little heart, and it adds just the right touch to your pillow grouping for Valentine’s Day! Aside from being super sweet…you’re super talented! xoxo Paulette 🙂 P.S. Sir Beads gets funnier and funnier!

  9. I LOVE your heart pillow!! And the fuller edging is perfect. Excellent job!!

    I used to have lots of throw pillows in various sizes on our bed. But over the years, they have been reduced to 2. That’s about all hubby can handle when HE makes up the bed. 😀

  10. What an adorable pillow! I LOVE it- I love anything pink, really, but this takes the cake!

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