Show and Tell Tuesday

This week, I’m afraid you’re stuck with a Show and Tell Tuesday from me – same-old, same-old! 😉

But you Kids know I’d much rather have your photos! Remember, you can send pictures of anything you like – family, pets, back yard, favorite knick knack or collectible, craft project you are in the middle of (or have finished), last night’s dinner, book you’re reading, favorite snack, sentimental possession (Grandma’s brooch, etc.), the “bargain” you just purchased, or anything you just bought! Or none of the above – but something you choose! 🙂


I was sorting through some old photos and found these pictures of the little gift shop I had 20 years ago {Twenty??? thud! (I just fainted.)}.

Anyway, the shop was located in a refurbished barn. There were about 8 or 10 of us, each with our own section of a two-floor building. It was a charming mix of gifts, gourmet foods, and antiques. Country decor was very much in vogue at that time and my shop had quite a bit of it. A large proportion of my items were made by me, but I also had things on consignment from some wonderfully talented artisans.

Seeing this first photo reminds me of the fun I had during that time. Of course, it was also a lot of work to keep the shop stocked and looking pretty, but when you’re doing something you enjoy, you don’t really mind all the effort it requires.

Won’t you sign the Guest Book? 😉

Pillows and Quilting and Dolls – Oh My!

My mother made the large quilt. 🙂

Believe it or not, these Kitchen Angels were incredibly popular. I actually made hundreds of them during those years. One day, a lady came into the shop and bought all that you see in this photo. I was thrilled, needless to say!

More Cloth Dolls and Bunnies

My daughter pleaded with me not to sell the little doll with a bonnet (the one who’s holding a baby) – so I took her off the shelf after this photo was taken. That doll is here in the room with me now as I type – 20 years later! 😉


So, as Kevin Arnold (from The Wonder Years) would say . . . “And there you have it.”

Hope you liked my little gift shop show and tell.



Feathering the Nest

manwomaniconsSometimes, it’s easy to feel a bit of sympathy for the male of the species. Many of them have absolutely no understanding of the pretty little frills and frou-frou to which women are innately attracted. Take decorative pillows, for example. 😉

This particular point was driven home to me one Saturday morning as Sir Beads was helping me make the bed. We were in a hurry to leave the house that day. He dashed back into the bedroom to see what was holding me up and decided to help. After the comforter was in place, I began to arrange some small throw pillows and tossed a couple towards him to position on his side.

He groaned:

“It’s that darn Martha Stewart! She’s making life miserable for guys! Who needs all these extra pillows? What is their purpose?”

Well, I cracked up laughing. And I had to agree. There is no purpose for them . . . but they do look nice! 😀

I guess all of this supports the theory that “Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus”.

And since I’m from Venus . . . I made another small throw pillow this week.

heart pillowz

I had seen some over at don_mae’s that were so cute – I just couldn’t resist. The pattern is fairly basic crochet. I made two hearts; single-crocheted them together, and then experimented until I got a ruffle I liked. I settled on 6 double crochet stitches in each single crochet around the perimeter of the heart for a very full effect. The pillow still looked a little plain somehow, so I added the felt flowers.

It’s adds a cute little touch of Valentine’s Day to the sofa, don’t you think? 😉