Getting Organized

There’s something about January that sets the mood to get organized. I suppose it’s really a combination of things that can have us thinking that way.


First there’s the packing away of the holiday decorations – a mini feat of organization in itself!

Then there’s that extra time indoors since the weather is often cold and inclement. Suddenly, there’s time to notice the clutter!

Finally, the mere act of switching to a new calendar can often touch a primal urge to start fresh and create more order in our world. 🙂

cloverIn this spirit, today’s Lucky Seven features:

7 Quick Tips to make life a little easier!

1. Use small stick-on labels to date the items in your pantry that are kept for long periods of time – like spices, flour, condiments, and baking powder. By writing the date they’re opened, you’ll know at a glance if they’ve been around too long and need to be replaced.

2. Give each family member his own mesh laundry bag in which to toss dirty socks during the week. When they come out of the dryer – no sorting needed!

3. Place a coat rack in the guest room – even if it’s just one of those over-the-door styles. It will be much more convenient for you or your guests to retrieve their coats, than from your overstuffed closet!

4. Onto each recipe that you make regularly, clip a list of the “to buy” ingredients – the ones that are not staples in your home. Then when you’re making a grocery list – you won’t have to check and re-check the entire recipe to find all the items you need to buy.

5. Whenever you’re serving food or drinks in a room other than the kitchen, use a tray! It saves trips for serving and for cleaning up, too!

6. Before painting a wall that has a large group of photos, or before clearing shelves of knick-knacks for a major dusting, take a photo! You’ll be able to put everything back exactly as you had it.

7. To make chores easier to bear, swap with your spouse or roommate! Trade a list of three things you hate to do for three things he hates to do. You may not always like what you get in exchange but at least it will be different.



Getting Organized — 10 Comments

  1. Good tips! Personally I think the reason everyone gets on the “Get Organized” bandwagon in January is because all the stores promote it in January by having big sales on the items you need to do it. No matter, what better time than when you are stuck in the house waiting for Spring.

  2. I discovered yesterday that one must put the date on the subscription renewal notice, not just the check number. Boy, did I have a mess with one subscription!
    This would have been much more organized had I kept better records!

  3. Thanks for the tips. I get giddy over organizing. I chuckled a little when I read #7…”swap with my spouse”. Wouldn’t that require my spouse actually having his own chores to begin with? (insert crickets chirping here) I don’t blame him; he’s a product of his Mother’s upbringing. She was the type who vacuumed 10 times a day and still refuses to get a dishwasher because she can “do it better herself.” He was brought up to believe that was “Woman’s work”. I’ve tried to teach him my super-favorite saying “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” He rolls his eyes. He likes his piles of trash, his unopened mail…from last year, the excitement of eating food from the fridge that may or may not be good. It just dawned on me, I married Oscar the Grouch. Glad green is my favorite color.

  4. I love the sock idea–we always have random socks floating around. Where do their mates go???? A mystery for the ages.

  5. To make things more organized for me, I buy only the same sock for my husband and the boys. Then I throw them in one drawer. No sorting or matching needed.

  6. I totally agree with number 1! We do that in our house and have found a few things that I say wow! to when they make a appearance again!
    Also I like to set myself little goals like I will tidy that shelf today or that part of the table! Our table is huge! lol! It makes it achievable!

  7. Hi Crystal! I’ve been busy with a few housey things myself the past week. I really loved all your tips, especially the one for the socks. I’m always battling the laundry monster, and that would certainly help! I think I’m on my 5th load today, with at least 2 more to go. My guys go to the gym just about every day, so they take two showers each and the towels pile up like I can’t tell you…and the socks and underwear and the gym clothes! I hope your weekend is laundry free! hee hee hee!
    Hugs, Paulette xoxo

  8. To be honest, I hate January, lol, it changes the kind of life we were having, here’s the start to the summer to the fullest, and it means the days are going to be hotter than ever!, well, otherwise, it’s the best month to plan a year ahead, because it’s the beggining of a blank year. Love the lucky 7 features, thank you for sharing with us!

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