I Heart – Hearts!

Last week, Sir Beads brought home a bag of these . . .


We both remember them fondly from when we were kids.

Having them around the house (and eating them of course) put me in the mood to make a small heart of some kind. I decided to do a search for “crochet heart” and came across this pattern. I made a few one night while watching TV.

Crochet Hearts

The pattern mentioned making a garland of them, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that. I started thinking of the conversation hearts again and one thing led to another. I began by sewing on a felt backing and then cut some felt scraps to make a flower.


But, what does this have to do with conversation hearts you ask? Well, I had an idea to make a “pocket” on the reverse side to hold a little message.


And here’s the final result . . .


The nice thing is that the felt version has no calories! 😉



I Heart – Hearts! — 9 Comments

  1. Oh, I like that much better than a garland! Or a candy heart. Those things– we all remember them fondly, but did anyone ever actually *like*them? I bet your felt heart is tastier!:P

  2. You could create a little hoop on the backside so it could slide onto a dog collar and have a little design for your pet!

  3. Being diabetic I far prefer your version 🙂 I went to buy my husband’s vday gift – some sort of toolie thingie – and Home Depot didn’t have it. GRR. So I called him and very loudly told him how they’d ruined his vday LOL! Oh well.

  4. Hi Crystal! This is so adorable! The teeny crochet heart is precious by itself, but you made it even more so with your special touches! I love hearts!!! Hugs, xoxo Paulette

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