Mopsy and Me

Last week, as I was tidying up my work table, I had a decision to make . . . Should I just put everything away?

There were supplies and extra fabric for an item I made at Easter.

Remember “Pamela Cottontail”?

Even though, I had cut out enough pieces for two bunnies, here it was weeks later and I still hadn’t gotten around to making the second one – time flies!

As I held the pattern pieces in my hands, I decided it would be easier to go ahead and make a second one while the supplies were still out. If I put them away, it would be harder to gather them in the future.

So, I began with every intention of creating a “brother” (Peter!) for Little Pamela. There was just one problem. The second bunny wasn’t looking much like a boy by the time I was finished. Her vest was too fancy!

What to do? Well, I figured Pamela could use a sister, too, so I made her a girly hat, and named her “Mopsy”! 🙂


Well, Kids, after I went on and on yesterday about comments, Carapace said there should be a way to “subscribe” to comments! And of course she was right!

So, I put on my thinking cap, and now you’ll find a new button in the sidebar to click on – if you’d like to subscribe to the comments, here. (As always, the orange button is for subscribing to the blog posts)

May your weekend be fun and relaxing . . .

all at the same time! 😀

Hugs for all,


Knitted Bunny Rabbit – Friday Favorites

Just in time for Friday Favorites, I’ve finished the “mystery” knitting that I hinted about earlier this week (see it here)

Please meet: Sir Hops Alot 🙂


He’s a tiny little fella at less than 8″ tall – and that includes his ears! I enjoyed making him but I would describe this as “fussy knitting” because of all the small pieces. You’ll find the pattern here.


Wishing a very Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, and Happy Spring to everyone!

See you Monday with a new giveaway and new questions!