Food for Thought – Knit Cupcake

cupcakecherryHave you noticed that the world has gone crazy for cupcakes? There are cupcake stickers, cupcake note cards, rubber stamps, fabric, wall art, and even cupcake jewelry! Of course real cupcakes have always been a favorite with just about everyone, but lately they are very much the “in” thing to serve at parties of all kinds.

And, suddenly, it seems everyone is knitting cupcakes! If you told me six months ago that I would knit a cupcake, I would have asked you if that was really coffee you had there in your coffee cup! 😉 For a long time, I just didn’t “get it”. Why would anyone want to knit “pretend” food? Sweaters, potholders, placemats, even handbags – yes! But a cupcake? What would you do with it afterwards? Have a plate of inedible cupcakes on display to tease your guests? Seems a little mean!

cupcakecandleI guess they would be cute for kids to use for teddy bear tea parties – that is if the kids are old enough to play with beaded items. But toy stores have lots of very realistic play food for reasonable prices. There’s no need to spend hours knitting cupcakes!

You’ll probably laugh when I tell you that I finally gave in, though. Was it peer pressure as in – “Everyone is making them!”? Or maybe it was more “If you can’t beat ‘em; join ‘em”. LOL I’m really not sure, but I came across a cupcake pattern (click here) offered by the fabulous Julie and decided to see what all the fuss was about.

So far so good:


Hmmm . . . knit, sewn together, and stuffed – but it doesn’t look too much like a cupcake.


Maybe if I decorate it with a “frosting” flower and add some beads for sprinkles:


Better yet – on a little china plate:


Well, there you have it. I knit a cupcake. It’s kind of cute.

Would I make another one or a whole plate of them? No, I don’t think so.

But I have decided that this one will make a pretty little pincushion! 🙂


Knitted Bunny Rabbit – Friday Favorites

Just in time for Friday Favorites, I’ve finished the “mystery” knitting that I hinted about earlier this week (see it here)

Please meet: Sir Hops Alot 🙂


He’s a tiny little fella at less than 8″ tall – and that includes his ears! I enjoyed making him but I would describe this as “fussy knitting” because of all the small pieces. You’ll find the pattern here.


Wishing a very Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, and Happy Spring to everyone!

See you Monday with a new giveaway and new questions!