Cupcakes – Never Say Never!

I know I said I was finished knitting cupcakes . . .


I am . . . This one is crocheted. 😉


What can I say, I saw this pattern and wanted to see if crocheting a cupcake would be easier/cuter than knitting one.

This was definitely quicker to make and I think it looks more like a cupcake than the one I knitted (found here).

This one is much smaller – more of a “mini” cupcake.

Would I make another crocheted cupcake? I think I would!

(Oh, oh! She’s going to make fake food, after all!)

I’m thinking one of these would be an adorable gift. It could be presented in a little (handmade) bakery box with a gift card that reads: “Thanks for being so sweet!!”


Food for Thought – Knit Cupcake

cupcakecherryHave you noticed that the world has gone crazy for cupcakes? There are cupcake stickers, cupcake note cards, rubber stamps, fabric, wall art, and even cupcake jewelry! Of course real cupcakes have always been a favorite with just about everyone, but lately they are very much the “in” thing to serve at parties of all kinds.

And, suddenly, it seems everyone is knitting cupcakes! If you told me six months ago that I would knit a cupcake, I would have asked you if that was really coffee you had there in your coffee cup! 😉 For a long time, I just didn’t “get it”. Why would anyone want to knit “pretend” food? Sweaters, potholders, placemats, even handbags – yes! But a cupcake? What would you do with it afterwards? Have a plate of inedible cupcakes on display to tease your guests? Seems a little mean!

cupcakecandleI guess they would be cute for kids to use for teddy bear tea parties – that is if the kids are old enough to play with beaded items. But toy stores have lots of very realistic play food for reasonable prices. There’s no need to spend hours knitting cupcakes!

You’ll probably laugh when I tell you that I finally gave in, though. Was it peer pressure as in – “Everyone is making them!”? Or maybe it was more “If you can’t beat ‘em; join ‘em”. LOL I’m really not sure, but I came across a cupcake pattern (click here) offered by the fabulous Julie and decided to see what all the fuss was about.

So far so good:


Hmmm . . . knit, sewn together, and stuffed – but it doesn’t look too much like a cupcake.


Maybe if I decorate it with a “frosting” flower and add some beads for sprinkles:


Better yet – on a little china plate:


Well, there you have it. I knit a cupcake. It’s kind of cute.

Would I make another one or a whole plate of them? No, I don’t think so.

But I have decided that this one will make a pretty little pincushion! 🙂


Sweet As Can Be! Snowman Cupcakes

I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, and when you add all of the husbands, wives, and kids in our extended family, there are usually about twenty-five of us on Christmas. It’s a fun-filled event and we look forward to it each year.

Everyone brings food to share – usually a favorite dish or dessert. A couple of years ago, I decided that I’d like to bring something new. I came across these little snowman cupcakes and I just couldn’t resist them! Aren’t they cute? Here’s the photo that’s included with the recipe.


But I also have a few pictures of our attempt to make them, and a little bit of advice for anyone who wants to give them a try this year. First of all, I implore you to make them a couple of days ahead of time! Please don’t wait until the night before, as we did. Talk about pressure! Silly me had the idea that it would be a relaxing thing that my daughters and I could do after dinner on Christmas Eve. Fun, it definitely was! But relaxing? Not so much!

Once we realized exactly how time consuming it was going to be, we even enlisted my husband to make the “snowman scarves”. At that point, it truly became a family affair!

The assembling of each snowman took a little practice, so it was slow going at first. But once we got the hang of it, we were working in an assembly line fashion, and the little fellas began to multiply quickly. Here’s our finished version. Notice that one of them is winking at you.

Click on the photos to make them larger.

Click on the photos to make them larger.

In the photo below, it’s almost midnight – almost Christmas!!! The snowmen are all packed and ready to travel 🙂

One last thing though . . .

Hopefully, yours will be served at home – or at least somewhere in the neighborhood. Our stress was not totally over until we completed the 2-hour car ride to my brother’s house on Christmas Day! We all gasped at every bump and pothole along the way, but fortunately the little snowmen survived the journey without incident and they looked quite festive at the family gathering 🙂