There’s a Day for Everything

A couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning out a bureau where I store craft supplies and assorted sewing projects. One of the drawers has pattern pieces that have been cut from fabric, snippets of yarn and lace, and various items in different stages of work – most of them are nowhere near to completion. They’re leftover from the days I used to make dolls and ornaments for gift shops and fairs.

But at the bottom of the pile, I found these five pieces!


I had done the hard part long ago! It wouldn’t take much to finish the little guy. I remember that I made a bunch of them in cotton prints way back when, but this one is a fine wool in a pretty camel tan color.

Whenever my grandmother was working on something that she had put off for a long time, she’d always say, “There’s a day for everything!”

So, this was Teddy’s day. I decided to make a bow tie for him and found some dark brown gingham.


Instead of the usual buttons, I chose tiny metal snaps for the eyes – mainly because I didn’t like any of the buttons I had on hand. Up until recently, I probably would have delayed finishing the bear until I could shop for the right buttons, but I have tons of stuff already and lately I’m thinking I should at least try to use something I have!

So here he is – all done!


He needs a name. Any suggestions? 🙂



There’s a Day for Everything — 3 Comments

  1. Gary. I remember back in the 60’s there was a guy on TV that wore a bow tie like that, but he had glasses. I can’t remember what show it was::Was he the announcer on To Tell the Truth maybe? Anyway, for some reason Bear reminds me of that guy.

    His eyes couldn’t be more perfect.

    I had a lot of stuff left over from my craftshow days too. Then when Corey moved in with us permanently 5 or 6 years ago, I traded him my large craft room for a small room off the dining room where he used to sleep. Since I had to downsize, I went through EVERYTHING. We had a truck load (no exaggeration) and took it all to a senior center that said they would love to have it. I think they kept it all because I never saw any of it at Goodwill!

    Love the Bear.

  2. Oh, he’s adorable! I think he should be named Truffle! He’s all in shades of brown and looks amazing! ; )

    I love Carol’s reasoning for Gary – I’m just too young to have seen it…

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