Ask Me No Questions

Hollywood legend Greta Garbo has long been associated with the words:

“I want to be alone.”

However, it seems as if Greta felt she’d been misquoted! In his 1955 book “Garbo”, author John Bainbridge includes the following explanation from the lady, herself:

‘I never said, “I want to be alone.” I only said, “I want to be let alone! There is all the difference.’

Recently, after a long day of errands and shopping, Crystal felt quite a kinship with Miss Garbo. Yes, it’s true. Crystal also wanted to be “let alone”…


It all started innocently enough. Crystal went to a local gift shop to buy a birthday present. She handed her selection to the clerk and pulled out her wallet to pay . . .

That’s when the barrage of questions began…

Clerk: Are you a preferred shopper?

Crystal: No. Thank you.

Clerk: Would you like to be a preferred member?

Crystal: No. Thanks, anyway.

Clerk: Do you know it’s free to join?

Crystal: Yes, but I’m all set.

Clerk: Would you like to take the form home? Maybe fill it out, later?

Crystal: Umm, no.

Clerk: Do you realize that if you are a “member” you’ll get a free (thing-a-ma-jig) after you spend $100.00?

Crystal: I’m not interested, but thank you just the same.


The Clerk sighed and then tapped the register keys to ring-up the birthday gift.

At this point, Crystal figured she would soon be leaving for the next stop on her errands list. She was wrong.

The clerk continues: Would you like to use your store charge card for this purchase?

Crystal: No, it will be cash, today.

Clerk: Do you have a charge card with us?

Crystal: No, I don’t.

Clerk: Would you like to open an account with us, right now?

Crystal: No, thank you.

Clerk: Ok, would you like to donate to _____? (a worthy charitable cause)
We can just add the amount to today’s purchases . . .

Crystal: Not today.
(Crystal tries to give generously – as often as she can – but the requests are everywhere! Even Daddy Warbucks would be broke if he were to say yes every time.)

Clerk: Your zip code, please?

Crystal rattles it off.

Clerk: May I have your phone number?

Crystal: You may not! (Crystal answers rather impatiently… and then feels sorry.)

Clerk: That will be $22.70

Crystal gives cash to the clerk.

Clerk hands a receipt to Crystal.

Clerk leans towards Crystal says in a very earnest voice: Now, be sure to go online as soon as you get home! Visit the website listed right there at the bottom of your slip and take our shopper’s survey!!!

Crystal nods as politely as she can, takes the receipt and her change, and heads for the door.

As she leaves, she swears she can hear the clerk call after her . . .



🙂 Ok, I’m kidding about the fries part, but I cannot believe what a nuisance it is to go shopping, lately!

I realize the clerks are just doing their jobs but – whew!

It’s exhausting to be a customer.

Do you find it to be the same?



I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Click the envelope to leave a comment! 😀

Paper and Punches and Bling – Oh My!

Sometimes I think it’s a good thing that I am not wealthy. 😉

If I were – I’d be missing out on the pure joy I feel whenever I find something I love at a *giveaway* price.


Take the other day, for example. I was out doing errands and, to my delight, I kept bumping into bargains at every turn!

Like this rainbow of precut cardstock for half-price – perfect for paper tags!


And then this trio of high quality paper punches at $3.99 each. Be still my heart – they usually retail for as much as $20 each!


And finally, some bling-y embellishments marked 70% off! These are lovely to use on greeting cards, tags, gift wrap, and all kinds of things.


Of course, I had to try out the punches as soon as I got home!


There’s lots of potential for holiday fun with the treasures I gathered and the fact that it didn’t hurt my budget to acquire them is really the icing on the cake.

Finding things you enjoy for a fraction of their regular prices…
It doesn’t get much better than that! 😀


What about you, Kids? Do you love a bargain?
Tell me about a good deal you found!



I didn’t really NEED it

But it was 75% off!

Who could resist such a deal?

Not me, apparently. 😉


It will earn its keep, though. Any minor stress that occurs during the course of a week will be no match for this little day-brightener.


C’mon . . . . I can see you smiling right now!


Any similarities between these bears and Lady Crystal/Sir Beads are purely coincidental.

Just sayin’! 😉


As the Shoppers Rush Home . . .


cocoacupBundle up, Kids!

We’re going shopping again!

I’ve rented a bus, stocked up on cocoa and cookies, and handed the driver a big pile of Christmas CD’s.

Is it just me or does that guy remind you of anyone? Maybe it’s the long white beard and the red jacket. He seems to be in an awfully good mood too. He’s been ho, ho, ho-ing ever since he pulled up. 😉

Ok, seatbelts buckled? Then, we’re off to etsy!

Kanzashi Flower Bobby Pins

Who says you need a new holiday outfit? How about some festive new accessories, instead? Here’s a pretty pair of handmade kanzashi flower bobby pins in decadent ruby red. Petals of silk dupioni are layered in duchess satin, while a glittering crystal rhinestone accents the centers. From PetalMix

Embroidered Cuff

A magical concoction of snowflakes and sugar… Candy swirls, French Knots and Curly Wisps surround your wrist in purple, green, and red. An accessory for every holiday outfit…or just a pair of jeans and t-shirt! Made with an off-white, mottled wool. Backed with linen; vintage button closure. From Waterrose

Tiny Doll Bed

So TINY, so adorable!!! ALL Handmade and perfect for any doll that’s under 8 inches. Sturdy birch wood, hand cut, sanded, primed and painted with several coats of paint for LONG lasting play and enjoyment. Comes with a silky pink mattress, a blanket and a pillow, in lovely floral fabrics with pretty hand sewn trim. A sweet vintage baby lamb decal decorates the head and footboards with just a tiny dash of sparkly glitter. VERY limited item. From KittyKatDance

Colorful Pinch Bud Vases

Give the gift of art! Hand blown glass – Perfect for some stems from the garden, or for rooting new plants. Gorgeous transparent colors, pinched oval neck. From tannerglass


Yikes, look at the time! We’d better head home.

Aw…. Can you believe it? The poor driver fell asleep waiting for us. Guess he’s been working a lot of hours. He told me that this is the “busy season” at his other job. 😉

‘Til next time,


Let’s Go Shopping… Again!!

Hi there!

It’s Crystal – your faithful cruise director. 😉

I’ve just rented a virtual bus with comfy seats and plenty of passenger room, so hop on and let’s go shopping!!!

We’ll be browsing on etsy today. In case we get carried away and lose all track of time – a brown bag lunch will be provided. Hope you like peanut butter and jelly!

Aw c’mon. The bus ticket is free! 😉

Card Table Playhouse
“The Animal Sanctuary”


Deep in the woods, in a Playhouse Neighborhood, is the Animal Sanctuary. All of the animals visit there! Fish swim in the pond, deer walk by the window, and the dragonflies dance in the summer air. Simply adorable! (Playhouse will fit over your own card table.) From: missprettypretty

Crochet Hat with 7 Interchangable Flowers


This darling hat comes with 7 interchangeable flowers to match any outfit! It’s available in 4 sizes – newborn to adult! From: 2crochetmamma

“Waiting For the Full Moon”
Fused Dichroic Glass Pendant


Shimmering Dichroic glass on a White Base sets the stage for this lonely tabby waiting for the Full Moon.
From: ccvalenzo

Acorn Coasters in Rich Fall Colors

acorn coasters

So attractive! This set of four acorn coasters has two coordinating brown prints on the front, with a warm rusty brown backing. Topped with pretty decorative stitching. From: peganders

Well, it’s getting dark . . . we’d better get home.

Hope you had fun. Let’s do it again soon! 😀