Paper and Punches and Bling – Oh My!

Sometimes I think it’s a good thing that I am not wealthy. 😉

If I were – I’d be missing out on the pure joy I feel whenever I find something I love at a *giveaway* price.


Take the other day, for example. I was out doing errands and, to my delight, I kept bumping into bargains at every turn!

Like this rainbow of precut cardstock for half-price – perfect for paper tags!


And then this trio of high quality paper punches at $3.99 each. Be still my heart – they usually retail for as much as $20 each!


And finally, some bling-y embellishments marked 70% off! These are lovely to use on greeting cards, tags, gift wrap, and all kinds of things.


Of course, I had to try out the punches as soon as I got home!


There’s lots of potential for holiday fun with the treasures I gathered and the fact that it didn’t hurt my budget to acquire them is really the icing on the cake.

Finding things you enjoy for a fraction of their regular prices…
It doesn’t get much better than that! 😀


What about you, Kids? Do you love a bargain?
Tell me about a good deal you found!




Paper and Punches and Bling – Oh My! — 7 Comments

  1. Yep! We ALL love those bargains. This economy has spoiled me though. I won’t buy Pizza Hut pizza unless its the any pizza for $10 deal. My grocery list is governed by the sale ad which means suppers revolve around what’s on sale…you say you like bologna? 10 for $10 are in the frig drawer. But seriously, I love a bargain and try to use those 40% off coupons at Hobby Lobby whenever I am near the store. Its hard to pay full price for anything, both financially and mentally. I don’t think I would change if I were wealthy…but I do know the price point would change. I’d be dealing in cars and jewelry and BIG STUFF then!! Come to me lottereeee!

  2. oooo – nice finds! I LOVE bargain prices….I am a huge bargain hunter. I scan the clearance section of every store I enter, hoping to find the next treasure. I really would like to find some ink stamps on super sale…they are pretty expensive.

  3. I’m a huge bargain fan. One of my favorite days is bag day at the rummage sale. $3 for all you can stuff in a bag. I get children’s books for my upcoming classroom, costumes I can rework to make the dogs’ costumes, and craft items that have never been used that I can donate to the crafty ladies in our dog rescue group.
    I also love the clearance isles at Target, Petsmart, and online bargains.

    I’m sure you will be making some cute Easter items with the bunny. I cannot wait to see them.

  4. I’m checking in again, it SNOWED today! 🙂 I’m so excited because it is enough for me to go dog sledding tomorrow. I was off school and work today too. Stay safe everyone.

  5. I never go to Michael’s or A C Moore without coupons. Simply go to their websites and print some out. They also throw in a 10% teachers discount on top of their sale price and coupons. AND… they honor each others coupons.
    It’s criminal what I walk out of these stores with!

  6. I love a bargain too! I’ve been staying with my Mother for the past month, and she happens to live within close walking distance to JoAnn’s Fabric. I couldn’t help myself…I just had to visit this wonderful store a couple of times, and boy am I glad I did! They had the best sales going on! I was surprized at all the crafting supplies they carry too. I’ve put JoAnn’s on my favorite list of crafty supply stores. 🙂


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