Still The One

When Sir Beads was a young man, he met his future bride at work.
At first, Crystal had no idea they would eventually marry.
He claims he knew it from the start.

She adored his sense of humor and soon they began to spend lunch hours together.
Sometimes, he’d leave his desk to buy a snack and return with one for her, as well.
She loved his thoughtfulness.

One morning, when Crystal arrived at work, she found a gum wrapper on her desk.
It was actually the silver foil paper that is the inner liner on a stick of gum.
She was puzzled.
A closer glance revealed that there was something written inside the silver wrapper.
She unfolded it and read the words:

“Every office has its silver lining and you are ours.”

Needless to say, this deeply touched Crystal’s heart – the words, the clever presentation, the romantic idea of it all.

Fast-forward 4 decades.
Crystal had been thinking about getting an Ipad mini.
Sir Beads said: “I’ll order it for you for Valentine’s Day!”

It arrived a few days later.
When Crystal opened the box, she let out a little gasp.
The iPad was white… but the back was silver.
There was an inscription . . .

As she read it, she was immediately transported to a day long ago –
and her heart skipped a beat.




Still The One — 9 Comments

  1. Great Story. Great Guy. They just don’t make guys like that anymore. Maybe they do. Maybe they just need the right gal to bring out their best.
    We are blessed.
    xx, Carol

  2. Oh i love this!!!! So sweet,glad you had an awesome Valentine’s Day with your sweet husband.

  3. Gosh, my heart just melted! He’s such a sweetie. You two are just perfect together! xoxo Paulette 🙂

  4. Wow, what a nice story I had never heard! What girl couldn’t fall in love with a guy like that. I have to admit my two brothers and myself have a lot of love in our marriages after all of these years. Gosh, a box of candy and flowers doesn’t measure up to an iPad. You’re a lucky girl, Crystal!

  5. Wow, Sir Beads makes most men pale in comparison. No wonder you held on to him and didn’t let go. I’m so glad you had a fantastic Valentine’s Day. Are you enjoying your Ipad? I have never used one, but hubs bought me a Kindle Fire.
    Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I really do like it, Kelly! Everything looks so pretty on the screen, and since it’s the mini version – it’s very light to hold and easy to take along wherever you go! 🙂

  7. No wonder it’s been so impossible to find a guy that would be up to snuff! Thank heavens I finally found one, too…AT WORK! 😉

    Tip for the day: Be careful reading the iPad mini in bed…I just dropped mine on my nose, ouch! 😉

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