Ask Me No Questions

Hollywood legend Greta Garbo has long been associated with the words:

“I want to be alone.”

However, it seems as if Greta felt she’d been misquoted! In his 1955 book “Garbo”, author John Bainbridge includes the following explanation from the lady, herself:

‘I never said, “I want to be alone.” I only said, “I want to be let alone! There is all the difference.’

Recently, after a long day of errands and shopping, Crystal felt quite a kinship with Miss Garbo. Yes, it’s true. Crystal also wanted to be “let alone”…


It all started innocently enough. Crystal went to a local gift shop to buy a birthday present. She handed her selection to the clerk and pulled out her wallet to pay . . .

That’s when the barrage of questions began…

Clerk: Are you a preferred shopper?

Crystal: No. Thank you.

Clerk: Would you like to be a preferred member?

Crystal: No. Thanks, anyway.

Clerk: Do you know it’s free to join?

Crystal: Yes, but I’m all set.

Clerk: Would you like to take the form home? Maybe fill it out, later?

Crystal: Umm, no.

Clerk: Do you realize that if you are a “member” you’ll get a free (thing-a-ma-jig) after you spend $100.00?

Crystal: I’m not interested, but thank you just the same.


The Clerk sighed and then tapped the register keys to ring-up the birthday gift.

At this point, Crystal figured she would soon be leaving for the next stop on her errands list. She was wrong.

The clerk continues: Would you like to use your store charge card for this purchase?

Crystal: No, it will be cash, today.

Clerk: Do you have a charge card with us?

Crystal: No, I don’t.

Clerk: Would you like to open an account with us, right now?

Crystal: No, thank you.

Clerk: Ok, would you like to donate to _____? (a worthy charitable cause)
We can just add the amount to today’s purchases . . .

Crystal: Not today.
(Crystal tries to give generously – as often as she can – but the requests are everywhere! Even Daddy Warbucks would be broke if he were to say yes every time.)

Clerk: Your zip code, please?

Crystal rattles it off.

Clerk: May I have your phone number?

Crystal: You may not! (Crystal answers rather impatiently… and then feels sorry.)

Clerk: That will be $22.70

Crystal gives cash to the clerk.

Clerk hands a receipt to Crystal.

Clerk leans towards Crystal says in a very earnest voice: Now, be sure to go online as soon as you get home! Visit the website listed right there at the bottom of your slip and take our shopper’s survey!!!

Crystal nods as politely as she can, takes the receipt and her change, and heads for the door.

As she leaves, she swears she can hear the clerk call after her . . .



🙂 Ok, I’m kidding about the fries part, but I cannot believe what a nuisance it is to go shopping, lately!

I realize the clerks are just doing their jobs but – whew!

It’s exhausting to be a customer.

Do you find it to be the same?



I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Ask Me No Questions — 11 Comments

  1. OMGosh, I have been to a couple of stores that pursue questions just like that. Mostly its the benefits of a charge with them. My answer is we never use charge cards anymore and we have saved $100,000 in the last 10 years. Try it! It pretty much cuts the convo down to the final “what is your zip code?” question. ~lol~ Especially when the clerk is a young person. Most of them really don’t have a clue, let alone have the ability to make change without looking at he register…or count it back properly……Don’t get me started!!!

    BTW, I DO Vant to be aloonne!

  2. Oh wow – that is very annoying, but I also feel sorry for the cashiers because they are obligated to ask all of those questions by the company/store. If they don’t, they actually get docked pay, put on probation, and given a ‘strike’ on their record. For instance, have you ever been to Marshall’s before. A worker told me that if they didn’t ask you – ‘would you like a free 2-liter of Coke’ to every customer, they would get in trouble. The next line is that they try to push you to apply for the store credit card.

    I don’t like how some cashiers act like you can’t complete a check out unless you give your zip code or email address. I ask, what is this for, and they say – “to send you offers and discounts”…and I reply ‘no thanks.’ I’m usually in a hurry and can’t stand things that waste my time and energy.

  3. Hi there, Yona 🙂
    Thanks for weighing in!
    It is really sad that store employees are often put in a position where they are almost pestering customers. I would think that most shoppers feel there’s a thin line between “marketing” and bothering. Some stores push the envelope too far. After all, why risk turning off a customer? He or she might just eventually decide to shop elsewhere!

  4. The post office is the worst as far as I’m concerned. I just want to pick up my package and it takes me 10 minutes.. Walgreens is another offender. They love to ask you to buy more stuff and then to take the survey.

    Is everyone getting ready for Easter? This weekend there are dog egg hunts and an adult flashlight hunt on Saturday too. I’m going to put away the homework for one day and go have some fun.

  5. So true. All of this.

    I recently had to call Comcast to ask for the mailing address since I had misplaced the envelope with the bill and didn’t see it on an older statement. The rep started to ask a bunch of “account” questions, without acknowledging my request. When she asked for the last 4 digits of my SS number, I went ballistic!! The account isn’t even in my name. It’s in hubby’s name. I told her to give me the mailing address and do not ask me another question. 🙁

  6. Oh Kelly!
    Both of your Easter events sound like so much fun! You’ll have to tell us how they went!

    I’m planning our Easter dinner and trying to decide how to festively set the table! Our daughter and her guy will be spending the day here with us. 🙂

  7. Oh Gosh, Donna!
    How frustrating!
    Do you ever call to question a bill and they refuse to do anything because the account is in hubby’s name? I have had that several times. They say they can’t touch the account without his permission!


    I say to them, “Believe me – he will not complain no matter WHO calls, if that person is trying to save him

  8. YES!!! Again with Comcast.

    Shortly after we switched to Comcast (years ago), I had questions on the e-mail setup. They refused to talk to me and asked me to put hubby on the phone. 🙁

  9. I’m checking back in to let you know how it all went. The dogs had blast today. Artie had his picture taken with the Easter bunny at the egg hunt, but Kouga wanted nothing to do with the bunny. We won an attendance prize at both egg hunts and Artie found a prize egg for a huge stuffed toy. It is now laying in 1000 pieces in the living room. They tore it apart and stuffing went everywhere. Now, I know why I don’t waste money on stuffed toys. It was pet days at the Harley Dealer too, and we won the grooming gift certificate.
    Hubs and I enjoyed the adult egg hunt. They had s’mores, popcorn, lemonade, hot chocolate and mini cupcakes that you decorate yourself. We won coupons for ice cream, along with candy. It was a wonderful day to put down the homework. I took some great photos for my ABC book that I have to write for my literacy class. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We are supposed to get up to 11 inches of snow tomorrow.

  10. Kelly!
    11 inches of snow? Yikes!!!
    Mother Nature doesn’t want to let go of winter yet; it seems. Hopefully, it will be the pretty, fluffy, kind of snow that falls softly and is easy to shovel.

    What a day you all had with the Easter celebrations. You won all kinds of nice things – I think you are the luckiest person I know! 😀 So happy for you!

    Glad you had a lovely break from homework. Your projects for this term sound like fun – even if they are also work. The math one was cool and now this literacy ABC book sounds as if it will be very special.

    Stay warm! xo

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