Snowflake Smiles

My daughters seem to have an innate talent for finding gifts I love.
This Christmas, my youngest gave me a wonderful pattern book!


And to go with it – some delicious cotton yarn (Patons “Grace”).


The book is chock full of amazing snowflake designs. I could hardly wait to get started . . .


Believe it or not, I was actually making these during a snowstorm!


Before long, I had a little pile but, as many of you know, crocheted items often come out a little wonky (wrinkly) at first and need to be blocked into shape.


In addition to shaping them, I wanted the snowflakes to be stiff enough to hang on the Christmas tree next year. As soon as I gathered a few supplies, I was ready to begin work on that part of the process.


After painting them with a thin coat of the Mod Podge, I gently pulled them into shape, and then pinned them in place to dry.


I had planned to paint the second side (after the first side was totally dry) but eventually changed my mind. They seemed firm enough with just one coat.


All finished!

Looking at them makes me smile – they were so much fun to make.


Here in New England, it’s beginning to look like Spring, so I’m thinking that Mother Nature and I may be finished with snowflakes for a while . . .

But, I’ll be sure to make another little “blizzard” of them in time for next Christmas.



I’d love to hear what’s up with you!

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Snowflake Smiles — 9 Comments

  1. I have made a ton of snowflakes over the years and have never made any with yarn. I have always used thread. AND I love your styro board for blocking!! I’m getting one tomorrow when I go to Hobby Lobby. Thanks for this post. You always give me such great ideas.

    Come on Warm weather!!
    xx, Carol

  2. Thank you, Carol! πŸ˜€
    I hope you can find a styrofoam board on sale. I recently bought a small styro wreath and could not believe how the prices have gone up!

    I loved working with the Patons “Grace” cotton yarn. It’s a DK weight and I used a size D crochet hook (smaller than recommended for that yarn), and the finished snowflakes have a showy size but are still delicate enough to look elegant.

  3. Those are adorable. The Christmas tree is going to look great next year.

    I have been making math constructions for my college class. I had to make a cube, pyramid, prism, and cylinder. They must collapse and be durable. Thank goodness for poster board and modge podge. I held them together with velcro dots. Now, I have to decorate them.

    I’m ready for St. Pats day, and I will be baking Irish Soda bread tomorrow. Happy St. Pats Day to everyone.

  4. Greetings Kelly,
    Your math constructions sound very impressive! Love the idea of the velcro dots allowing them to easily collapse and snap back into shape. πŸ™‚

    I’ll think of you tomorrow as I make Irish Bread, too! xo!

    (Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!!!)

  5. Hello my sweet friend! Your snowflakes are lovely!

    I am back home after staying with my Mother for a month while she recuperated from a medical procedure. I was glad I could be there for her, but it sure feels good to be back home. πŸ™‚

    Hope you had a nice St. Patty’s Day.

  6. Yay, Brenda! πŸ˜€
    So lovely to see you back, again. I was just thinking of you yesterday.
    Your Mom is lucky to have such a dear daughter.
    Glad all is well. xo!

  7. Really pretty!!

    I can see a little tree filled with these in all different colors. Blocking is something I never think about. It totally makes a difference in the finished look.

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