Memories of Summer

Isn’t it amazing how little it takes to trigger a memory, sometimes?

You might be in the middle of an ordinary day when suddenly a vivid scene springs to mind!

Water Lilies by Louis Dallara

For example, Carol recently wrote about water lilies she’s growing in a pond in her backyard. As I read her words, I was immediately transported to an earlier time . . .

. . . I’m about 10 years old. I’m in a small rowboat, paddling on the lake where I spent my childhood summers.

It’s early morning.

The water is a mirror with barely a ripple . . . just the few I make with the oars.

Quiet prevails. It’s a dreamy, Zen-like quiet. The only sounds are the rhythmic squeak of the oarlocks and the occasional chirp of a bird in the distance.

I pass little clumps of water lilies. Their sweet fragrance drifts towards me as it mingles with the fresh summer air . . .

Talk about sheer bliss!

I felt it then,

and again at this very moment with the memory. 🙂


Would you share one of yours?



Wordless Wednesday

It’s tough for me to be totally wordless. 😉

But have you noticed how incredibly gorgeous the sunsets have been in the last couple of weeks?

I think this must be our reward for the fact it gets dark so early now!

Some days, I get lost in my work and can miss seeing one, so I have to keep an eye on the clock and run for the window as soon as the afternoon wanes . . .

Hope you have a chance to view a pretty sunset today!



Finding a Smile

Remember when we all talked about “Life Savors”, those ordinary things that make life special? 🙂

Some of the examples you mentioned were awesome!

I loved them so much that I compiled a list and put it here on the blog. (To see it, click on the pink heart “Life Savors” button, located in the sidebar.)

Recently, my parents moved to Cape Cod. While visiting them last week, my daughter and I discovered a breath-taking little example of a life savor in a wooded area of their yard.

One majestic Lady Slipper

As you probably already know, the Lady Slipper is a wild orchid. Wildflowers of all kinds are becoming more rare as development of the land increases. In Massachusetts, since 1935, wild orchids have been protected by a law that states in part that . . . “No person shall pull up or dig up the plant of a wild orchid, . . .”

My daughter took the picture with her cell phone, but I think you can see why it made us smile!

I hope you bump into a few “life savors” this weekend! 😀

See ya Monday!



Lucky Seven – Smiles

ChicksSpringWe live in a world where the pace is frenetic. Some days we’re so focused on rushing and planning and finishing . . .

We forget to take a breath and relish the ordinary things that make life special.

“Stop and smell the roses” may be an over-used saying, but it’s oh so true!

For this week’s Lucky Seven, here are:

7 Things to Savor!

1. The fragrance that hits you the moment you open the door to a bakery.

2. That first bit of writing in a brand new notebook.

3. A beautifully wrapped gift.

4. Dinner out with enough leftover for the next day’s lunch!

5. Pouring tea from a teapot.

6. Hearing the rain as you snuggle under the covers.

7. A small bouquet of flowers in a pretty little vase.


shamrocksPlease add any more that you think of in the comments!

It would be fun to turn this into a growing list – something we can all refer to whenever we want. I’ll make a button for it in the sidebar – similar to our “recipe box”! 😀