Memories of Summer

Isn’t it amazing how little it takes to trigger a memory, sometimes?

You might be in the middle of an ordinary day when suddenly a vivid scene springs to mind!

Water Lilies by Louis Dallara

For example, Carol recently wrote about water lilies she’s growing in a pond in her backyard. As I read her words, I was immediately transported to an earlier time . . .

. . . I’m about 10 years old. I’m in a small rowboat, paddling on the lake where I spent my childhood summers.

It’s early morning.

The water is a mirror with barely a ripple . . . just the few I make with the oars.

Quiet prevails. It’s a dreamy, Zen-like quiet. The only sounds are the rhythmic squeak of the oarlocks and the occasional chirp of a bird in the distance.

I pass little clumps of water lilies. Their sweet fragrance drifts towards me as it mingles with the fresh summer air . . .

Talk about sheer bliss!

I felt it then,

and again at this very moment with the memory. 🙂


Would you share one of yours?