Memories of Summer

Isn’t it amazing how little it takes to trigger a memory, sometimes?

You might be in the middle of an ordinary day when suddenly a vivid scene springs to mind!

Water Lilies by Louis Dallara

For example, Carol recently wrote about water lilies she’s growing in a pond in her backyard. As I read her words, I was immediately transported to an earlier time . . .

. . . I’m about 10 years old. I’m in a small rowboat, paddling on the lake where I spent my childhood summers.

It’s early morning.

The water is a mirror with barely a ripple . . . just the few I make with the oars.

Quiet prevails. It’s a dreamy, Zen-like quiet. The only sounds are the rhythmic squeak of the oarlocks and the occasional chirp of a bird in the distance.

I pass little clumps of water lilies. Their sweet fragrance drifts towards me as it mingles with the fresh summer air . . .

Talk about sheer bliss!

I felt it then,

and again at this very moment with the memory. πŸ™‚


Would you share one of yours?




Memories of Summer — 10 Comments

  1. It was storming (again) the other day and I went outside to listen to the rain and hail. As I was standing on the porch watching the trees sway in the wind and rain I remembered the time we were in Granada. We were riding ATV’s and a rain storm hit, we got soaked and the howler monkeys were roaring (they sound like lions) in the trees. Howler monkeys don’t like the rain storms, but it sounds so cool to humans. I will never forget laughing in the rain hugging my husband as I rode on the ATV. Later the sun came out and the rays streaming thru the trees was so pretty.

    I wanted to let you know we leave for Pella, Iowa with six friends on Thursday. The Iowa state Harley rally starts Thusday evening with a party in the town square. I’m looking forward to riding with my friends and having some fun too.

    Is anyone else going anywhere this summer?

  2. Funny how something can trip a memory. Funny what we DO remember and what we either forget or CHOOSE to forget. An old song that brings back the memory of piling too many kids in a car and going up hills and curves and running off the road and everyone getting out and lifting the car back onto the road! Ok, ok, it was a VW but still fun!!
    Long Beach, Indiana…memories of long ago sorely missed.
    xx, Carol

  3. One of my fond memories as a child was going to the drive-in movies. It was like a sleepover in the backseat. Looking up at the huge screen and the stars in the sky. Swatting bugs and flies, eating candy and popcorn. No clue what was being shown. But sure do remember the fun I had with my sister and brother in the back of the car. Sometimes we would sit on a blanket on the car hood. We would sleep on the way back home.

    Too bad drive-ins are a “Back In The Day” memory. Like Pet Rocks. Or Mood Rings. Poodle Skirt, anyone. πŸ˜€

  4. Oh yes, Donna!
    Drive-ins! Loved ’em!
    And how about those crackle-y speakers? Good times…..
    I remember one night during an especially boring movie (At least it seemed boring to us kids, who were in the back seat and also the “back-back” of the station wagon.), my little brother who was a toddler begged: “Mommy, please turn the station!!!” πŸ˜€

  5. Hiya Carol,
    It sounds as if it was a great adventure and VW’s were FUN!!!!
    I hear ya about how a song can bring you back . . . πŸ˜€

    Hope the allergy is better! xo

  6. Wow Kelly,
    Howler monkeys! I had to google them to learn more. Talk about exciting! Your memory is twice as nice since you share it with hubby!

    We have no firm travel plans yet but we’re really enjoying our first couple of post-retirement weeks together! πŸ˜€

    Have lots of fun in Iowa!!!!!

  7. Playing capture the flag with the entire neighborhood in the dark. Or flashlight tag. Eating homemade ice cream with Hershey’s syrup (out of a can) at my grandmother’s house in the summer. Fireflies in jar with (sharp) holes punched in the lid.
    These are the memories that come back to me at dusk in the summer months.

    I wonder what my children will remember?

    We do not have plans to travel anywhere—too hard with a little one!
    We are enjoying the heat (Hahaha) here in the South. The other day it was 99 with a heat index of 112. We are staying inside as much as possible.

  8. Yikes, Allison!
    112 heat index!!!! Heaven help you, Girl.

    Loved reading about your memories. πŸ˜€
    Robert must be growing like a weed! Hug him for me.

  9. Thanks Louis for your good wishes and for allowing me to use your water lily in this post!

    (And to my regular readers:
    Be sure to visit the beautiful photo blog that Louis has created featuring his amazing art!)

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