Lucky Seven – Smiles

ChicksSpringWe live in a world where the pace is frenetic. Some days we’re so focused on rushing and planning and finishing . . .

We forget to take a breath and relish the ordinary things that make life special.

“Stop and smell the roses” may be an over-used saying, but it’s oh so true!

For this week’s Lucky Seven, here are:

7 Things to Savor!

1. The fragrance that hits you the moment you open the door to a bakery.

2. That first bit of writing in a brand new notebook.

3. A beautifully wrapped gift.

4. Dinner out with enough leftover for the next day’s lunch!

5. Pouring tea from a teapot.

6. Hearing the rain as you snuggle under the covers.

7. A small bouquet of flowers in a pretty little vase.


shamrocksPlease add any more that you think of in the comments!

It would be fun to turn this into a growing list – something we can all refer to whenever we want. I’ll make a button for it in the sidebar – similar to our “recipe box”! 😀




Lucky Seven – Smiles — 8 Comments

  1. Great list Crystal! I have a few others, but they’re going to sound a little nutty being that we’re almost into spring! …

    The first real chill of autumn, when you can see your breath.

    First glimpses of Halloween decorations at Michael’s!

    The quiet beauty of a sparkly night time snowfall.

    The Twinkle of a Christmas tree in a dark room.

    Well, I’m a die hard winter person!…I’ll suffer through spring and summer! hee hee hee!

    xoxo’s Paulette

  2. Great list Crissie. Paulette, I agree with your night snow and Christmas tree. They would be on my list so I’ll add 5 more.

    The first smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning.

    Sitting on the screen porch, reading in the summer, and the scent of rain on the grass.

    Watching the birds at my feeder.

    Sitting by the pond talking to the frogs and watching other critters.

    Monday morning in vacation week.


  3. Cold Cream spreading through hot coffee or tea. Hypnotic!

    The smell of hot streets after a quick rain

    The feel of good clean sheets on clean skin

    Realizing you’re reading a really good book.

    Rereading a good book that’s almost forgotten.

    Sun reflections on the bottom of a clear pool.

    A cat snoring on the couch.
    (Seriously, very funny.)

  4. Remember Maxwell House coffee? I loved the smell when we used the coffee key to uncoil the top. Ahh that coffee was so fresh.

    Baby hair and skin after a bath – heaven.

    The feel of a puppy’s fur against my cheek.

    The smell of leaves burning.

    The feel of clean sheets.

    The smell of newly mowed grass.

    Anything freshly baked.

  5. crunching through Autumn leaves
    crisp untrodden snow underfoot
    seeing new lambs in the fields
    a new book to read in the bath
    the crust from a new loaf

  6. I love the sound of the waves when the ocean hits the rocks.
    The smell of Christmas Cookies
    The Smell of freshly popped popcorn
    The juice of an orange as it runs down your chin
    The sound of children’s laughter at the local playground.
    The first leaves and flowers of spring.

  7. I agree with your list. I’d like to add…savor the time with your kids. When they become teenagers, you will wish you had those days back again!

  8. the warmth of family in front of a warm fireplace
    reading a good book
    the smell and colors of my flower beds
    the laugh of a child

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