Friday Favorites – Breakfast


It’s Friday, which of course means that Saturday and Sunday are upon us. Woo hoo!

In my humble opinion, the best part of the weekend is BREAKFAST! 😀

There’s time to linger over a leisurely meal with extra cups of tea or coffee.

And, there’s time to have something more substantial than a quick bowl of cereal or a piece of toast.


In our house, it also means that I’m off cooking duty, as Sir Beads is usually the “weekend breakfast cook”!

Here’s what he made last Saturday morning!



Hope you have a chance for a nice breakfast this weekend. If nobody feels like cooking – then just go out. That’s even more fun and usually a good deal, too!

Thanks so much, everyone, for another great week of comments.

Meet ya back here on Monday. 🙂




Friday Favorites – Breakfast — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Crystal!

    Your Sir Beads is a keeper! That looks really yummy! Breakfast is my favorite meal. I love it all. Eggs, pancakes, waffles, french toast, muffins, hash browns, oatmeal, farina….heck, I could go on and on. I really could just live on breakfast foods and be quite happy!
    I agree, breakfasts are the best part of the weekend, even if they’re eaten for lunch and dinner! … Love your pretty dishes! … I’m hungry now.

    xoxo’s Paulette

  2. As the boys get older and are busy with friends and even MORE sports, I am cooking less and less on the weekend. We have evolved to breakfast at a local cafe we enjoy since they went NO SMOKING. It’s become a nice quiet time alone that we look forward to.

    Have a great weekend, and a great weekend breakfast. BTW, who does the dishes?

    xx, Carol

  3. I’m not much of a breakfast food eater. I would rather eat last night’s dinner for breakfast. I guess I’m just weird. When we do go out for breakfast, I like Cracker Barrel because they have chopped steak for breakfast.

  4. wow……there’s no doubt about it, sir beads can definitely cook up a mean breakfast!!! how fabulous for you…..enjoy, enjoy!!! :)))

  5. No, breakfast is always important! I grieve to think of missing it except on weekends. May I suggest making some Breakfast Muffins to tide over the weekday mornings? Waaaay better than cold cereal, any time!

    Still not as good as crispy bacon, of course. Mmmm, bacon!

  6. i always wake up late on weekends so it ends up as brunch! your breakfast looks so nice =D mine never looks that nice unless i go out to eat.

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