Wordless Wednesday

It’s tough for me to be totally wordless. đŸ˜‰

But have you noticed how incredibly gorgeous the sunsets have been in the last couple of weeks?

I think this must be our reward for the fact it gets dark so early now!

Some days, I get lost in my work and can miss seeing one, so I have to keep an eye on the clock and run for the window as soon as the afternoon wanes . . .

Hope you have a chance to view a pretty sunset today!




Wordless Wednesday — 5 Comments

  1. They are gorgeous pictures. What a great color pallet!
    Gosh, I miss seeing the sunsets right now with DST. I barely get home from work, look out the window and its dark already. I all but miss the evening visitors at the birdfeeders. On the otherhand, I settle in to relax and crochet etc a lot earlier in the winter! Hey, Thanksgiving is a week away!!

  2. I actually called my daughter one late afternoon to comment on the setting sun and the skyline. It was beautiful. Those are the moments that say “slow down and enjoy – take a deep breath’

  3. Oh Crystal!

    …Those are just about the prettiest sunsets I’ve seen. That’s autumn for you…she never fails to amazing us with her beauty! What gorgeous photos! What a beautiful view from your window!!!

    Have a lovely day today…I’m thinking of doing some Christmas shopping…to add to the one gift I’ve gotten so far. I know…visions of last years craziness keep popping into my head. OH NO!!!


  4. Beautiful photos, I love the sunsets combined with the colorful leaves that will be gone too soon. I also love the sun that comes into the window to warm me now, funny how in the summer its too hot, but feels so good in the late fall and winter.

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