Sweet Treats

I have a thing for porcelain, crystal, and art glass. If they are vintage, I like them even better!

Through the years, I’ve had so much fun searching for and collecting an assortment of pretty items.

The Czech Republic, formerly Czechoslovakia (and before that, Bohemia) has been making exceptional glass treasures for generations.

When our younger daughter was in college, she spent a semester in the Czech Republic, and Sir Beads and I went to visit her. What an incredible experience it was! We were especially enchanted with the array of gorgeous crystal in the shops.

I couldn’t resist these little pieces of glass candy we found in Prague.

Since then, it has crossed my mind that visitors to our home might not appreciate “pretend” candy . . .

So for that reason, I’ve been known to make sure that the real thing is in a dish nearby! đŸ˜‰


Have a very sweet day!



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  1. I grew up in Indiana. In Dunkirk, IN there is a glass making shop. My mother bought all her ‘good’ glass from that shop. It is red ringed glass with thumb prints. My family has always loved glass and if it’s hand blown, even better.

  2. Good Morning!!
    They sold those candies at our Macy’s. I remember thinking how cool they were the first time I saw them, o, about 15 years ago.

    Sometimes I wish I had the kind of house those dainty things would enhance. But, we are more rustic type people. Our decor is eclectic Ponderosa. More masculine to withstand the antics of two wrestling team/ MMA protoge’/contenders. Dogs that are lead across the floor following the laser light. Possums that come to the door looking in and watching for us to put more bread out for the birds.

    Circus you say? Well, definitely NOT a place for fake glass candy, where boys would eat a piece just to show they can!!~lol~

    Have a great day. Love your glass.

  3. well, you KNOW that the real candy will always get my vote……but the glass candy really is gorgeous, and so much more waist friendly!!! xox, :))

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