Show and Tell Tuesday

Once Upon a Time . . .

(at Paulette’s house) 😉

a brand new kitten joined the family! They named him, “Jingles” and he immediately stole their hearts.

But who could ever blame them for falling for this little fella?

Months turned into years . . . and Jingles has grown up to be ever so handsome! 😀

Paulette says: “I love all my kitties, but Jingles has so much personality. He really knows how to get to all of us. One of our favorite expressions when referencing Jingles is “he’s putting on the act”. That means, he’s acting adorable, and we all have to run over and smother him with kisses!”

And finally, this last photo has to be my personal favorite. (Yawn, stretch!!!)

Can you say ADORABLE????? (Thank you, Paulette!)


More pictures next Tuesday! If you haven’t already – please consider sending one of your photos, too! Hey, even if you have sent one, we’d love to see anything else you’d like to share!




Show and Tell Tuesday — 9 Comments

  1. Paulette! Are you sure his name is not Kitty Kat living one of his nine lives with you!! He reminds me so much of the kitty Laurie had when she was little. I am a dog person, but we all loved that cat! Jingles is a handsome guy.

    I don’t think I every asked you Crissie, or did I forget, are you a dog or cat person?

  2. Carol,

    Have had dogs and cats as pets and loved them all. If I absolutely HAD to pick my favorite pet ever though, it would be a tiny turtle named, “Tommy”. 🙂

    No pets at present. We do have several very handsome and very smart grand-cats though! (Now, doesn’t that just sound like a proud grandmother talkin’?) 😉

  3. Aww, what a cute cat.

    I am a dog person but Jingles could sleep on my bed or couch anyday!!

    I love that last photo too. A great shot, Paulette.

  4. I love his eyes, they are so expressive. I know how much joy our pets bring to our lives, I’m so glad you found Jingles.
    My dogs keep me warm while I do my homework, they will lay on each side of me while I work at the coffee table. I call them my “A” team.

  5. Hi Sweetie!

    I started giggling (and Jingles did too!) as soon as I clicked in and saw my little baby looking back at me! Thank you for such a SWEET post, Crystal, and thank you to all the girls who said such nice things about my little guy!

    xoxo Paulette ;D

    … A turtle named “Tommy”… How adorable!

  6. Awww Jingles is so cute, love the second picture of him, it looks like he is smiling in sleep smiling, must of been having good kitty dreams haha!

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